Ahhh, i'm honestly so excited for this blog post revolving around this gorgeous palette! I know this palette is ALL OVER Instagram and Youtube, but I thought i'd do a blog post, sort of review anyways and share my thoughts. Kylie Jenner seems to be adding new products every month or so to her cosmetic line and it's definitely hurting peoples bank balances, like seriously. Just yesterday she revealed on Snapchat her holiday collection (if you haven't seen it, I suggest you get on that sh*t quick) which looks absolutely incredible and includes ANOTHER Kyshadow palette, help me please *cries*.  

Last month another Kyshadow palette was added to Kylie Cosmetics, and after taking a miss on the first palette, just because it costs a limb, hearing mixed reviews and then seeing some amazing swatches on her Snapchat I HAD to get my hands on this. I was lucky enough that my boyfriend is the biggest babe and bought me the palette as an early birthday pressie, thanks babe! 

So, lets talk about prices because thats pretty much the first thing I want to know when I see a product I NEED, well want but you know. The palette itself cost $42 and shipping to the UK was $14.95. Obviously when ordering from the US, it's always a risk whether you will be hit with the dreaded custom charges... unfortunately I was *sad face* FIFTEN BLOODY POUNDS it was, like why? Royal Mail, Why do you do this? Luckily my babe of a boyfriend offered to pay the customs along with "This sh*t is expensive".

If you've read my previous blog posts or just know me well, you will know i'm a huge sucker for packaging. It's ALMOST as important as the actual product for me, which may sound silly but I just like things lookin' pretty. This definitely passes the spectrum for good if not amazing packaging, it's definitely become one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes packaging wise as it's simple but nice and it's so original, well done Kylie, you did good boo! 

Just like her other palette, the front of the box/sleeve packaging and palette shows a drawing of her eyes and then the palette itself has detail of tears falling corresponding to the colours in the palette, all in metallic which is such a sick touch and definitely original to any other palette on the market.

The back of the palette shows all the names of the shades and the ingredients of the shadows. I know I've heard that the way the shadow names have been laid out are confusing as it's technically back to front, but thats only minor, nothing important really.

I know a huge thing that many people wanted in her palettes was a mirror. For me, i'm not bothered at all about having a mirror in a eyeshadow palette as i've never used them, so in that aspect it doesn't affect me at all, although her new Holiday Kyshadow Palette does now contain a mirror! 

(Top - Bottom; Naked, Peach, Penny, La, Burgundy, Dubai, Brick, New York & Almond)
Damn, those swatches are so professional... only joking, i'm probably the worst person possible for swatching, you always see those people getting creative, using tape, I tried and failed that is all. In the palette you get 5 mattes, 2 foiled and 2 shimmers which I think is a great balance for a palette. Can we just talk about how PIGMENTED this is?! Literally dying, all the shadows are super creamy and blend like a dream!

Overall thoughts, I bloody LOVE this palette and it's so worth it, you need to get your paws on it asap!!! The colours are essentially 'me' in a palette and such beautiful shadows that could be worn everyday, so this baby won't be neglected and shoved to the back of the draw for sure. What are your thoughts? Do you own the Burgundy palette?
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