I can't believe it... we're here, in December already?! My 21st birthday is in 2 days YAY and Christmas is just around the corner, how crazy! Anyways, so November's Glossybox blog post is here and I was quite happy with this month's box if i'm honest, although I saw that a lot of people weren't too keen on social media. I think the contents of the box were pretty well matched to my liking, and I know i'll get plenty of use out of most of the products, if not all of them. This is only my second subscription box with Glossybox, but i'm actually pleasantly surprised and being honest, i'm so glad I made the change from Birchbox!

Okay, so lets get onto the products...

Ruby Professional - Large Tapered Blending Brush | RRP £8
I love buying new brushes, so seeing this little gem in the box made me SO happy, especially when it comes to eyeshadow brushes... you can NEVER have too many gurl. I've never heard of this brand, but this blending brush is incredible! It's super fluffy, like SO soft it's insane and blends eyeshadow seamlessly. As it's on the larger side and so fluffy, I actually tried this to contour my nose and it worked perfectly. It's also cruelty-free guys woo!
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111SKIN - Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask | RRP £20
When I saw this, I was automatically spotted the packaging and thought "ooo, very nice". When I saw this was a Harley St. product, the first thing that popped into my mind was blimey, this would cost a limb wouldn't it? And yes it bloody would... £20 for a face mask, oh my! That's hella out my budget, but this is why I like subscriptions like Glossybox, odd times you get to try expensive products you'd never ever purchase in a life time. So, this mask is supposedly very 'techy' and locks in moisture, has key ingredients to brighten and stimulate collagen production, fancy! I haven't actually tried it yet as it's packed away in my bag, saved for tomorrow night. I have a flight on Saturday morning, so I always like to do some sort of facial or face mask the night before to prep my skin!
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Wilkinson Sword - Quattro For Women Raspberry Rain Disposable Razors | RRP £5.69
Okay, something I least expected but a girl can always do with some razors, right? (they can be expensive!) In the pack there are 3 disposable razors that have 4 blades. These razors supposedly have a pivoting head that helps the razors glide in the curves of the legs, ensuring a close, smooth shave and producing a silky finish. I've already used 2 of them and they've definitely performed how it says on the package. They're also raspberry scented, I couldn't actually smell anything, so not sure about that!
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De Bruyere Beaute - Jumbo Eye Pencil in 'Bubble 07' | RRP £15
For some reason in the swatch photo above, it looks really grey however it is very bronzey. On the information card it actually says it's a khaki-grey, but if i'm honest it's far from khaki in my opinion! I don't think i'd reach for this type of product very often, if not ever, just because it's not something i'd usually use or I am keen on due to having very oily eyelids so cream shadow + oily lids = disaster, but i'll definitely still give it a go, maybe use it as a base! Personally, I find it VERY expensive for what it is, I know it's probably a high-end brand but still, theres so many similar products that work the same in the drugstore!
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Kiss - Looks So Natural Lashes | RRP £4.95
If you've read any of my other posts or know me well, you would know how often I wear false eyelashes... literally everyday, just because my eyelashes are horrendous. They're short, stubby, thin and overall just don't work well without falsies, so I always stock up for my eyelash drawer. However, I wouldn't usually use these type of eyelashes, I like mine quite wispy, full and fluffy but i'll definitely give these a try, maybe for more of an everyday sort of look!
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I hope you've all enjoyed this month's Glossybox blog post. I'm super excited for December's box already!!!

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