Hey lovelies! So today's blog post is a little different from the usual beauty posts. This month, Darwin and I collab'd with Pawsome Box to review one of their monthly Pawsome subscription boxes (how exciting?!). 

Pawsome Box is a monthly subscription, containing surprise items worth over £30, designed for your fur babies! So just like how we have beauty subscriptions... but for dogs! Each box contains 6 items of variety from accessories & hygiene to toys and treats, also they are personalised to match your dog the best! You can either sign up and subscribe as a monthly subscription for £19.90 or you can buy a one of box as a gift. They also have Purrfect Box, which is for cats of course!

Each monthly box is usually dispatched between the 10th-15th and takes around a week to arrived in the UK as it's shipped from Germany. All the items are wrapped nicely in a cute little box which you can see below and wrapped nicely with paw printed tissue paper (so cute)!

So let's get onto the items in October's box...


This month's box contained 3 toys. An squeaky ice-cream, Burly - chewy bone and a rope toy! When I first opened the box, these were the first items that caught my eye and knew Darwin would LOVE. He is super spoiled and has about a million toys already, but he absolutely loves a good play and gets so excited with new toys! Right off the bat, I could tell these toys were really high quality, definitely from the higher price range which is lovely.
The ice cream toy makes Darwin go absolutely mad, great for a good play. Every time I bring out one of his squeaky toys he runs around the house like a crazy man, tail down, back hunched, never seen him run so quick it's so funny! You can tell it's also a high quality toy, compared to cheaper ones. I've bought a few from the pound shop and are nowhere near as good, the squeakers don't work very well/ break and the general quality of the toy, you can tell is cheap!

I actually bought something similar to the red chewy bone when Darwin was a little pup and found it great for he was teething. Darwin absolutely loves this one and gives it a good chew at least every day! He's 7 months old now, and his favourite toys are those he can chew and nibble at, so this has been brilliant for him, definitely have to say this has been the most popular with him!
The pictures above was Darwin attempting to chew the rope toy, I think it was a little too big for his mouth as he wasn't quite sure what to do with it and ended up suckling it while he fell asleep! I can imagine this toy being great for a little rough tug-of-war, although Dar hasn't got the greatest grip yet.


I've never heard or knew of such a product, but i'm so glad they were featured in this month's box because these are great! As it's Autumn coming to Winter, the weather hasn't been great, so walks have been a little messy on our local field/park. We always use regular wipes to wipe him down but these have been great! Also, we usually bath piggy every once every 2-3 weeks, or when it's needed and these have been great using in-between as a 'quick wash' to wipe down his fur, paws and face after walks.


Darwin's favourite out of the whole box, I must say! He is the biggest foodie (even more than me) and he was dying to get his paws on these when I showed him, I don't know how he didn't demolish it all when we were taking photos haha! In this month's box, he received three different treats; Healthy Treats - Breath & Dental bites, Trixie - Duo Sticks and Les Filous - Beef Meat Slices. He loves any kind of stick treat, and of course he's already eaten those and healthy/ dental treats are always great for those pups teeth!

Darwin absolutely LOVED the Beef Meat Slices. He was chewing on one for what felt like ages, which kept him occupied for a while! As you can see from the photo below, I gave him one to try and he was inspecting it before he demolished it!

(Darwin enjoying the Les Filous Beef Meat Slices)

Overall, I think this is such a good idea for fur babies! I love receiving my monthly beauty subscriptions, it's SO exciting receiving a box full of surprises, it feels like Christmas, so I think these are great to treat to our little fur balls. Also you can discover some great brands of high quality.

The BIGGEST thank you to Pawsome Box for working with me and little Darwin! We both had so much fun doing a little photo shoot (i'm sure Darwin enjoyed all the bribery treats) and Darwin has most definitely enjoyed his new toys and yummy treats! I hope you've all enjoyed reading this blog post! 
If you would like to subscribe to Pawsome Box for monthly treats for your little fur baby, I also have a discount code for £5 off your first box, just use the code 'ukbyplv' in checkout!

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