So, if you follow me on the Gram (@katherinem_x) you would have seen these liquid lippies on quite a few of my posts recently, i'm sorry, they're just so damn goodA couple of weeks ago I received a package with four liquid lipsticks Molly Cosmetics kindly sent to me including Rose Gold, Bare Soul, Bubble Tea & Cupcake*. I'm a massive liquid lipstick hoarder, so receiving these in the post got me super EXCITED as I always love to try new lippies! 

Molly Cosmetics is an indie brand based in Hong Kong, co-founded by a makeup artist and stylist. They sell high quality liquid lipsticks and their products are completely cruelty-free and Paraben-free which is always great! All their lipsticks retail for £15.23, so not the cheapest, but for the quality you get it's definitely worth it. They also have special package sets with great discount!

If you've read many of my other blog posts, you would know how much I talk about packaging for any product and I think it plays a big factor (well, to me anyways). I find that with so many liquid lipsticks out on the market now, there are so many designs that catch the eye like the Kat Von D, Too Faced Melted Mattes, but others are quite similar. Personally, I love the packaging of these liquid lips, i'm all about simple and sleek which these definitely are!

Before I carry on to any lip swatches and what not, I just need to take a minute and tell you all about the formula... IT'S SO DAMN GOOD! When I first discovered Molly Cosmetics, I had a little peak on their Instagram and amongst all the beautiful selfies, flat lays and lip swatches, the reviews were amazing, so I had high hopes for their products. After trying them for myself, I found that this liquid lipstick formula is the BEST i've ever tried, better than my Kylie Lip Kits, better than Colourpop, ABH. For starters, the product is so light weight that you can't even feel it on the lips one bit, it's completely non-drying, not sticky at all and has GREAT colour payoff. All their lipsticks dry down completely matte and the wear is insane!

Rose Gold
This definitely has to be my FAVOURITE out of them all. If you've seen my Instagram, recently I posted quite a few photos and makeup looks using this lippie and I didn't want to take it off I loved it that much! This is the first metallic lipstick I have ever tried and now own and I just LOVED it straight away. I find on myself, it is on the coppery side which I think really suits my complexion and skin tone. I just bloody love it ya know.

Bare Soul
I'm absolutely LOVING this one. I find it quire comparable to one of my fave liquid lipsticks, Colourpop's Stingraye but a lighter version (mauve nude/purple with brown undertone), so i'm all for it! This lipstick and the others dry completely matte, which we all know is my favourite finish when it comes to lipsticks. I actually like to mix this and use Bubble Tea in the centre for more dimension and I love the finished look!

Bubble Tea
Unfortunately, I can't wear this liquid lippie on it's own as it's too similar to my complexion and I feel it looks like i'm rocking those foundation lips like back in the old days, which really sucks!!! So, to put it to good use, I LOVE using it with other lippies in the centre to create an ombre effect and it works so well! Even if I use this with a darker lip liner and blend, it works great this way too!

This is my least favourite out of all of them, unfortunately, but the colour isn't something I particularly wear very often and quite out my comfort zone, I have quite a few colours similar in my collection that have hardly, if ever been worn! I find that it's very pink on me, which i'm not used to wearing but I am straying away from nudes and experimenting more these days! I can definitely see myself wearing this in the summer.

I honestly can't recommend Molly Cosmetics liquid lipsticks enough, they are by FAR my favourite liquid lippies I own and you won't regret it! I'll definitely be placing an order asap (probably more nudes cause i'm boring like that). Go checkout their website for more information and the full range. They also do other products for the face, nails and lashes and sell makeup tools and accessories. I really hope you enjoyed today's blog post!

*These products were sent for review purposes. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. 

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