Put your hands up if you've ever been a victim of the horrid brush cleaning.. I know I have and I HATE doing it, I hope you can all agree with me! Your hands start to look like prunes, your wrist hurts from all that deep cleansing and your just drained by the end of it, but of course you do feel pretty good you've got that time consuming chore out of the way and finally have pretty, clean brushes ready for use again BUT thats besides the point. So when the lovely guys over at Dee&Co contacted me asking if I wanted to review their SHADOW SWITCH dry brush cleaner from Beauty Essentials, I had to say yes! Anything that will help a girl out and make life SO much easier!
I love sitting down and experimenting with eyeshadow looks but as the pile of dirty brushes build up, I usually end up trying to get the excess shadow off by swirling it on my pj bottoms or top to reuse it for another colour (I know.. pls don't judge me), so this product has been a LIFE SAVER

The SHADOW SWITCH essentially is a wired sponge inside a small, light weight tin which means it's great for travel too. All you have to do is take your eyeshadow brush and swirl it gently into the wired sponge, which gets rid of all the excess shadow and WALA a brand new, clean brush ready for more colours! I've been using it for over a month now and it's worked so well and i've been able to create so many different looks. I really recommend this product to anyone, It's so simple, just make sure you clean the sponge with some soap every now and then to get rid of any built up bacteria.

Although this is a brush cleaner, you still must must must deep cleanse your brushes on a regular basis as the dry brush cleaner is only purposed for quick shadow change when needed and does not sanitise them!

The SHADOW SWITCH is available over at Amazon for £5.99 with FREE postage... which is great right? I'm one of those people who will spend over £100, but when it comes to the £3.95, i'm like... nah. Anyone with me?! It's also launching in Sephora SOON, how exciting!!! I think for such a nifty little, quick cleaning tool, that price is amazing and so affordable and you can't go wrong. 

They also have new packaging lined up for this product, which I LOVE! So simple and pink (my kinda thing) so have a look our for it!

I hope you've enjoyed this quick little review on this amazing product and I hope i've convinced you enough to buy one yourself because you won't regret it! I'd love to know your thoughts on this product, have you tried anything similar to this?

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