Ever bought something, have high expectations and end up being extremely disappointed? Yep, I think it's bound to happen with everyone at least at some point. So, I thought i'd do a blog post on some beauty products I regret buying myself, because I love reading or watching YouTube videos of these, as I like to see what others found disappointing! It really helps especially when i've been eyeing up a product for ages but i'm not 100% sure, so I love to know what others think of it.

NYX - Matte Setting Spray
I bought this at the beginning of August and honestly only tried it out once or twice. Having combination-oily skin,  a matte setting spray sounds like a godsend however, unfortunately i'm not feeling it *sigh*. I found it to be "too matte",  although it may not have necessarily looked it, but my face felt quite powdery and cakey. I prefer a spray that make you feel refreshed and feels though it's broken down the powders a little. Another thing I hated about this spray was that it dimmed my highlight SO MUCH. I can't deal with that. I LOVE having a poppin', glowy highlight so this isn't for me!

Maybelline - Baby Skin Primer
I bought this quite a while ago after hearing quite a lot of hype on YouTube and after many people saying it was a dupe for the Benefit Porefessional. I really, really, really don't like this product. I tried it out a fair few times just to make sure it wasn't a one off, but unfortunately this product just didn't work with me. 

It made my skin greasy as hell, and I already have oily-combination skin, so I really didn't need the extra bit of shininess. I actually had high hopes for this, because foundation applies so smoothly on top and does look flawless to begin with, but after about an hour my face looks horrid! I think this could be great for those with dry to normal skin types but if you're oily, i'd stay far away!

MAC - Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

After wearing it for a couple hours, it really flakes around my nose, goes patchy and looks horrible. 
The lady at the MAC counter colour matched me and i'm sorry, but it was horrendous. I have never bought a foundation that is so ORANGE toned. Being half Asian, I do have a yellow/olive undertone but she matched me as if I were wearing extremely ORANGE fake tan (which I don't, I hardly even fake tan!). It does not look natural at all, does not match me one bit, I can't even make it work, so disappointed. If the foundation was matched correctly, maybe I would have liked the foundation just a tiny little bit more, but it still doesn't change the finish and wear I guess. 

Nivea Men - Post Shave Balm
Now everyone and their nans are raving about this after Nikkie Tutorials started using it in her videos. Of course, I jumped on the bandwagon and purchased myself one (I had too, it was only like £5?!) to see if it would really work, and if it did, what a BONUS... a primer for £5! At first I thought I really liked it and used it every single day, then eventually, I got the worst breakouts and I STILL haven't recovered from it 5 months down the line. 

My pores have never been this blocked before and I have the worst blackheads, which nothing seems to be getting rid of them. I really can't tell you how much I regret buying this because, no I didn't have perfect skin before, but it was clear. Now, my skin is a hotmess, and just keeps getting worse months down the line (obvs it's still not doing this to my skin, but I believe it started it off). 

Spectrum Collections - Unicorn Tears Sponge
I bought this on a whim as I love using beauty sponges to apply foundation and blend in my concealer, so I thought i'd try this one hoping it would be as good as the Real Techniques Mircile Complexion Sponge or the Beauty Blender as I LOVE these two sponges. I always dampen my sponges, which I find is the real test as to ow much the sponge expands. The sponge expanded quite a lot, but it's generally just very dense and I find it sucks in a lot of the product whilst trying to blend. Whilst this isn't the worst sponge i've tried, i'm just not a fan and will be sticking with my originals!

YSL - Touche Eclat
I wanted to try a highlighting pen for ages, so I thought i'd buy this in duty free before going on holiday (only saved me about £3 though). I really didn't find this product to be 'all that' to be honest. Yes, it did it's job on the highlighting front, but i've used waaaaay more products that worked better and didn't cost me a limb! The coverage was very sheer and I found that there was literally hardly any product in the tube, as it ran out so quickly! I'll definitely be sticking to just concealer to highlight as I was really disappointed with this!

Sleek - Matte Me Liquid Lipstick
I had such HIGH hopes for this! I only own one, and I don't think i'll be buying anymore unfortunately... I got one in the shade 'Birthday Suit' which is BEAUTIFUL, it's definitely a dupe for Kylie Lip Kit in Candy K, but I really HATE the formula. I don't know if I got a bad batch or something, but I find once it has dried down matte, it is very dry and sticky which is the worst thing ever! 

ABH - Gleam Glow Kit
Now... I know this will be a shock and an unpopular opinion, but I don't regret buying it because I thought the product was crap, I regret buying it because I just don't think it's worth it! It's a really gorgeous highlighting kit, with beautiful shades, but I have so many highlighters with similar tones that I hardly ever touch this kit and it's just a complete waste to me now. I own the Sweets Glow Kit and LOVE it as I find the highlighters are different to others that I own and make a lot more use out of it!

What beauty products do you regret buying?

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