Hi lovelies, today's blog post is on these incredible multipurpose balms that will are super nifty! A couple weeks ago, I received four of the Dr Paw Paw Multipurpose Soothing Balms* in the post which they kindly sent me and i've been using them everyday since! Personally, I had never tried any of their balms or products, but heard so many good things about them from others I know and on especially on Instagram. 

Especially in the colder months, my lips are a tragedy and as a massive liquid lipstick wearer, these are PERFECT for saving those dry ass lips! What makes these my favourite balms is the formula. It's fragrance free and non-sticky, SO smooth and so nice on the lips I can't even describe. Other than using these balms on the lips, they can also be used for a number of other things such as applying to dry areas of skin, hair and nails! 

Each 25ml balm retails for £6.95, or you can get the collection of three for £20. (Original, Peach Pink & Ultimate Red) and as these are multipurpose balms, I think it's a great price for the product you get and they fit perfectly in your handbag which is always great for us girls and boys!   

The Original Balm was the product I had heard about when I first discovered Dr Paw PawDuring the summer and the festival season, I saw countless of people on Instagram raving about the Dr Paw Paw Original Balm as it was supposedly great for using as an adhesive for glitter, and you all know by now how glittery people get during festivals these days! I've been using this balm multiple times a day and I LOVE it. 

You can also get the multipurpose balms in tinted versions; Peach Pink and Ultimate Red. The tint in these balms is quite subtle and not too opaque which I like and my favourite is definitely the Ultimate Red! As these are tinted, these balms are also great to use to add a tint to the cheeks. I can definitely see myself using the Peach Pink during the summer and warmer months to add that little peach tint to the lips when wearing a natural glowy makeup look!

I wasn't actually expecting to receive the Limited Edition Red Sparkle Balm so this was a lovely surprise upon receiving the package! This definitely gets you in the Christmas spirit with it's red and gold sparkly packaging and think especially this and the other balms would be GREAT for stocking fillers (just a hint!). My picture doesn't do this justice... the product is a beautiful tinted red balm with gold glitter specks (nothing too in your face, just perfect) and I think this is a beautiful tint to use on the lips or adding colour to the apple of the cheeks!

I can't recommend these balms enough, they are by far the BEST and my FAVOURITE balms to use... they've even replaced my Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream and anyone that knows me well will know that I used that religiously! You can get your paws on these on the Dr Paw Paw website, Boots, or Feel Unique. 

*These products were kindly sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own & 100% honest.
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