If you know me, you'll know that I have have an extreme obsession with false lashes, a whole drawer overflowing and can't leave the house without a pair! I was never blessed with long, beautiful lashes, instead, they're short, stubby and thin (thanks mum haha!) so false lashes literally SAVE me and every makeup look looks so much better and put together because, if I don't wear them, I look like a 12 year old boy *cries*

The lovely guys over at FALSEEYELASHES.CO.UK were kind enough to send me some amazing pairs of lashes for me to try out. So, after bloody hours of searching through the different brands and styles on their website, I ended up choosing the Eyelure Vegas Nay Glamour Lashes and the Eyelure Exaggerate No 143. 

FALSEEYELASHES.CO.UK is a website that retail for eyelashes and a few other bits, like eyelash glue and remover, mascara and brows. They Stock the biggest selection of eyelashes in the UK - over 40 different brands & 300 styles to choose (which is insane!!), from affordable brands like Eyelure, Ardell and Red Cherry, to the luxury mink lashes like House of Lashes, Velour Lashes etc. Also, another plus, they have FREE 1st Class UK Delivery, which is amazing, so you won't have any extra annoying delivery costs and they'll be here the next day!

A little bit about the lashes I chose..

I've seen this a couple of years ago and just couldn't believe how beautiful they were for 'drugstore' lashes and they look just like the luxury mink lashes too! If you follow me on Instagram (@katieamerrick) you would have seen that I only ever really wear mink lashes or very voluminous/bold lashes as thats what I just prefer, so when I saw these, I just HAD to choose these. They are so fluffy and they do have a thicker lash band, so they are a little harder to apply, but practice makes perfect, right? Also, what I love about the Eyelure falsies, is that they always come with their on eyelash adhesive, so you won't have to worry about spending more money on eyelash glue. 

Again, another pair from Eyelure, but I bloody do love their lashes! These are a little more natural/subtle but still glamours. Because I have short, stubby lashes, I do like quite full lashes, so I thought this pair would be perfect for an everyday basis for length and volume. Some may think these are a little too much for everyday wear, but these are definitely toned down compared to what I usually put on! Also, again they have eyelash glue included (bonus!). 

I honestly cannot get enough of these lashes, and definitely need to do an order on their website as soon as possible, as i've got my eyes on some beautiful mink lashes (I can't get enough!) and I definitely think i'll be getting all my eyelashes from this website from now on, especially with all the choice! If you've never heard of falseeyelashes.co.uk before, you seriously need to head on over to their website, because you'll fall in love and probably spend a fair bit of money (sorry in advance dolls)! 
Katie x 
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