Last month I was contacted by Sensuals Beauty for a chance to try out their Beauty Serums* from their range, so of course I had to take this opportunity. I literally said yes instantly as I'm all for trying out Argan Oils, I love the smell! and especially trying out something new for my hair! I've used a couple Argan oil samples before and loved them as they leave my hair feeling soft and amazing, so I was excited to try Sensuals products. 

Sensuals is quite a new company based in Brighton. Their products are 100% natural, organic, untainted oils that are lightweight and absorb easily into the hair and skin! They are all hand-packaged too, so no factory or machines, this ensures each bottle is perfect! Looking on their website, they promote their products to have a number of benefits; healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, moisturising, toning, hydrating, promoting hair growth, protecting hair from damage & repairing damaged hair, which I need a lot of ha!

I got to choose two out of four different beauty serums from their range for myself to try. I had a look and ended up choosing the 'Cocoa Nib & Tea Tree Argan oil' and the 'Moroccan Virgin Argan oil'. I've been trying the Argan oils for about 3 weeks now. I was so excited when the post man knocked on the door and I literally started using them straight away!!! I thought i'd get some good use from the products before giving a review, just so I can get a feel of how they worked for me personally and to make sure my opinions are fair! 

The Argan oils were packaged in high quality, glass bottles that were quite weighty, which makes the product feel luxurious and expensive. The packaging is also very simple but sleek. They both have slight scents to them, nothing too strong or overpowering though, I personally love the smell! The Cocoa Nib & Tea Tree smells like Tea Tree (obviously) and the Virgin Argan smells, well like Argan oil, it's hard to explain but you may know what I mean, right?!

Uses - 
  • Face
  • Body
  • Hair
  • Nails 

Moroccan Virgin Argan Oil
I thought i'd choose this one as it's their original Virgin Argan oil and I really wanted to use this specifically for my hair as a serum or oil hair treatment! I've also used it as a cuticle oil and a body moisturiser for dry patches.

I'll be honest, I wasn't too keen on this product. After showering and towel drying my hair, I applied a couple pumps and massaged this into my hair as a serum (this is my normal hair routine). First off, I felt that a lot of the product absorbed into my hands before applying onto my hair and after my hair had finished drying, I found it looked rather oily. I could have used too much, but I found it wasn't for me, well for my hair anyways. However, my mum did have nose through my things and wanted to try it for her hair as she has very dry, damaged, bleached hair and it seemed to work perfectly for her! It really hydrated her hair, whereas I found it a little too oily for mine!

I actually used it once as a leave in oil hair treatment, which I found worked so much better, but I think it will get so much more use from my mum, so were sharing it!

Cocoa Nib & Tea Tree Argan Oil 
This one sounded absolutely amazing, so I knew I wanted to try this one the most out of all of them. It even has little cocoa nibs inside the bottom of the bottle, which is a nice little touch! Even though these can be used on the hair, body and nails, i've been using this only for the face as a moisturiser as I believe it worked the best for me this way. 

When Sensuals contacted me, I had been suffering (well still am) with really, bad breakouts. I feel like I had tried everything and my skin just gradually got worse, so knowing this oil contained Tea Tree, I wanted to use this specifically for my face as a moisturiser and spot treatment. I used this one the day I received them in the post and I did notice my spots to gradually go down overtime. They weren't as painful and inflamed, so I was really impressed with this oil! My skin now has cleared up and improved significantly, but I don't believe is just down to this oil as I have been using skincare products for acne, but I do believe it helped reduce those under the skin, painful spots. 

I have to say, this Argan oil is definitely my favourite out of the two. The product goes a very long way , so when I use it for moisturising I only use 1-2 pumps, which covers my face and neck. It absorbs nicely into the skin, leaving a healthy glowy complexion, nothing greasy/oily looking though! 

I hope you've enjoyed my review. If you'd like to check out Sensual's products, you can find them here: or they are also available on Amazon.
Go get them now, they're on sale at the moment!!!

Until next time,

*These products were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.
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