Hey lovelies! Back again with my monthly Birchbox blog post. This month, I was quite happy with the Birchbox subscription. If you read my blog post on last month's box, (if not you can go read it here if you like) you would know how disappointed I was with all the samples. I just wasn't impressed at all and I didn't feel it was even worth the £12 or however much it is a month! However, this month's samples were SO much better and I actually feel that I will have much more use out of these samples than last months. 

I was thinking of waiting to see what Septembers box would be like and that would decide whether I would stick with Birchbox or would change to another. I think for now I am going to stay, however I have had my eye on the Glossy Box monthly subscription and heard such amazing things, so lets see!

So, let get onto the samples in September's box..

Usually when I get given any card voucher or gift, I think Oh god, brilliant, something else that will go in the bin... but, i'm definitely going to use this! It's a nice little extra gift to include in the box that i'm sure many others will take advantage of. When I first moved to Uni, I went to Asda and printed SOOO many photos of family and friends that I could decorate my room with and make me feel at home.. and that was actually really expensive. Not extortionate but more than I would have thought! Even though i'm living at home now I still love to decorate a wall with a collage with my favourite photos of my favourite people, so this will come in handy as I do need to print some updated photos haha! All I had to do was pay £2.49 for postage and I will be getting 36 prints free. Just ordered my box, so can't wait for it to arrive! 

This was easily my favourite item out of the box, of course, anything makeup related haha! Towards the end of August you could actually pick out of two products for which is also your full sized item for that month. We had the choice between this Highlighting Trio or a Lipstick Trio. Of course, you know I love highlighters and all sorts so I had to choose this one! As you can see from the photo above, I stuck my fingers right in there and got swatching. In the trio you get a light white highlight, a rose/peachy highlight and a gorgeous bronzy highlight! They're all EXTREMELY creamy, which makes it so so so easy to blend without any build up of product. I find these great as a cream highlighting base, to make my powder highlight pop x100000000!

I've surprised myself a lot to be honest. Before, receiving any hair product sample I would be pretty bummed as i've never really been into it and buying loads of hair products, but recently I love them! In the last few Birchbox's they've had hair products, from dry shampoo to hair spray and I've loved using them, although they're always on the pricey side, so I don't think I could afford to re-purchase! This AMIKA blow out spray is supposed to be great for volumising, smoothing and texturising for styling your hair. It contains 'Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil' which has nourishing antioxidants to strengthen and repair your hair, sounds so snazzy! I've never heard of this brand, but I feel like i've seen this brand somewhere before, but I just can't put my finger on it, it's really annoying me haha! 

When I saw this, I had absolutely no idea what on earth this little tube was until I read the product information booklet. Turns out it was a primer, and i'm all for trying out new primers, anything to help makeup application and the longevity, right?! This brand, I had NEVER heard of, i'm not sure if it's been around for a while or new, so I will definitely have to check out the brand a little more for more information. I had peaked on Instagram at others posts on their September Birchbox and found that some got the Laura Mercier Primer, which I was so bummed as I have always wanted to try that, but never mind! This primer is literally what I needed. It smooths the skin and I have a lot of texture, minimises pores and helps your makeup glide on perfectly!
If you saw my August Birchbox blog post last month, you would know how I felt about receiving any shower gel samples and had a bit of a rant. 10?! Crazy. This is supposed to make showering daily luxurious (I would hope so for that bloody price). It contains a skin-softening oil, which pampers and cleanses the skin!

Again, another item I had no clue what it was. I've personally never heard of this brand, but they seem to be quite popular! 

I actually love the smell of this cream, it's a weird mixture between a men's aftershave and Christmas, weird right? But, it's so so so nice. My description probably makes you think otherwise though haha!

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