Saturday September 3rd, I attended my first ever blogger event in London! It was hosted by the lovely Scarlett London Events called #BloggersFestival. As this was my first event, I was so nervous and didn't really know what to expect until I got there but it was such a nice day. 

I started off the day meeting up with some other lovely bloggers Ellie, Katie & Sarah (Follow them on Insta @makeupbyelv @katieha11 @sarahdavies__) in Oxford St. where we actually went to meet Nikkie Tutorials at Debenhams for her new launch with TooFaced, it was fate she was there the same day, so we had to! It was completely SURREAL. She's one of my favourite YouTubers and to meet her in the flesh felt like a dream, so annoyed I look like an egg in our photo though lol! Anyways, fan girl moment over and back to this post. Then we did a little bit of shopping, because who can't when you're in London?! and after, we then made our way to the event!

The event was held at the Conrad Hotel in St.James. It was absolutely beautiful, everything you think a luxury hotel would be; classic, amazing interior, a load of posh people lol & afternoon tea. We went down the most beautiful, spiralled stairs to enter the event. On arrival we could grab some drinks and there were tables with pic & mix, and there was the most beautiful Kim K inspired white rose wall for photographs, it was such a nice touch! 

There were quite a few brands there set up with their own stalls which we could go have a wander about, explore and chat to the brands more about their products. 

A couple of the brands there I had already heard about, but most of them were completely brand new to my eyes, which was great as I love discovering new brands and trying new products, so I was all for it!

Jewellery Box are a brand I have previously seen on Instagram and have the cutest, dainty jewellery pieces. I saw that they were at the #BloggersFestival last year so I was so happy to see them back again this year I was going, and can we talk about their stall? Omg cute!

I found #BloggersFestival so relaxed and casual, which is what I really liked about the event. Everyone was so so so friendly and it was nice to see so many bloggers in one room. It was also a great opportunity to network with brands and other bloggers. I actually got my own 'business cards' if you want to call them that printed out, just with all my social media details, which I could hand to brands and other bloggers to connect with!

GoSend was another company I have heard plenty of before. They had so many goodies laid out on their table, that could be won in a competition, which all boxes looked amazing. So jealous of those who won, lucky!!! They also included free 1 year VIP membership which is worth $100! So I'll definitely be using that considering I have a huge list of makeup I want to order from the US.

Natural World was completely new to me, although they did chat to me briefly through Twitter a couple day before the event, so I had the chance to have a little peak at what they're about! Their brand is all about natural and organic hair products and had a whole range for different uses like frizz control, hydration etc and even gave us free little hair oil treatments, which all sound incredible!

There was even a stall there with handmade CHRISTMAS cakes, yes you saw it right! Of course I had to try some, and it was incredible. I didn't manage to get a photo of the stall, but i'm sure you can imagine it was amazing!

Unfortunately, I didn't take as many photo's as I would have liked, I think I was mesmerised by everything! But all the stalls were beautifully set up with such lovely people to speak to!

I couldn't believe how generous all the brands were. They were all so lovely, told you so much information (without bombarding you) and even gave us so many goodies to try, which I can't thank them all enough, can't wait to try them all obviously!

Heres a list of some of the brands that were involved:
Jewellery Box
Natural World
Friction Free Shaving
Heaven Skincare
Beverly Hills Formula
Brodie & Stone
David Hampton
7th Heaven
PNY Tech
Social Superstore

Scarlett did an amazing job, and looking at photos and the hashtags from her previous events, they all look so amazing, so i'm definitely going to go to her events more often! I'm currently eyeing up the #BloggersVille which is in January 2017.

The biggest thank you to Scarlett London Events and all of the amazing brands for the event and goodies! Can't wait till the next one,

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