Jewellery has always been a massive accessory for me. I literally wear the most boring outfits, jeans and a top and of course all black! I may add a little colour here and there, but those that know me, know that's super rare. So I always like to add jewellery to make my outfit, just that little bit better!

Last month, a jewellery company called Lily and Rose contacted me with an opportunity to collab with them, so I had a peak on their website to see what they were about, and instantly fell in love! After a big YES they sent me over some information and I was allowed to choose 3 pieces from their collection. I think I was browsing their website for probably about a good 40 minutes as there is so much to choose from. I ended up choosing 2 rings and a bracelet. Btw how gorgeous are they?! Also, if you've been on their website, they have the most beautiful, elegant and classic pieces that would make any outfit look dressier. They have such a big variety, from rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and they have many jewellery pieces that match as a set!

When I received the package, one of the rings was actually faulty, gutted! It was completely bent, which I guessed had happened whilst in the postage process. However, I contacted Lily and Rose and they were quick to replace the ring, which is so so so kind and it arrived the next week!

Starting off, I chose the Adele Crystal ring. As soon as I landed on the rings page, this was the ring that stood out to me straight away and I fell in love with it instantly! It's a thick banded crystallised ring, that looks so elegant and stylish. This is definitely my favourite piece out of the three I received.

The second ring I chose, was the Amy Crystal which is a 'Halo Pear' style ring. This ring is honestly so gorgeous and looks REALLY expensive, not cheap or tacky at all. It literally looks like the real deal, people will start to mistake it for an engagement ring haha!

The rings I chose and all of the rings on the website appeared to be one size. When I received the rings, I figured out you can alter the rings to your desired fit, which I guess is good as if you don't really know your ring size, it saves all the hassle of ordering the wrong size!

The last jewellery piece I picked, was the Miss Miranda Crystal bracelet. All the bracelets were absolutely gorgeous. I did actually like another, but unfortunately it only came in gold and i'm a silver hardware kinda gal! 

I ended up picking this bracelet because it was dainty and simple compared to the others and thats what I prefer when it comes to jewellery! I'll be honest though, I didn't really feel that any of the bracelets were my "style" but my mum has her eye on this bracelet, so I think i'll give this to her as she would love it! She has so many other jewellery pieces so similar to this.

Overall, i'm definitely going to be wearing these rings on a regular basis and the Adele Crystal ring has already had so much wear! Thank you so much Lily and Rose for working with me! I feel like this was my first proper style/fashion post, so I hope you enjoyed it. I'm hoping to add more lifestyle and fashion posts in sooner!

*These items were gifted to me. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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