Lets be honest, eyebrows are extremely important in life, well for me they are! They help frame the face, and in general I think they look so much better when defined. I started filling in my brows around 5 years ago and of course I went through that sharpie, slug brow stage, I'm sure everyone has.. I hope?! I've tried all sorts of different brow products, from powders, pencils to pomades to gels and some have worked better than others for me. I have quite sparse, thin brows, so I love using products that will help me achieve that fuller, bushier, Cara Delevingne look!

Last week, I received the Semi Permanent Eyebrow Kit* which retails for £24.99 from the lovely guys at BPerfect Cosmetics and of course anything brow related, I was extremely excited to try it out and share my thoughts with you all! They are a brand based in Belfast since 2012. I hadn't heard much about this brand, so it was pretty new to me. I've seen the odd celebrity feature their products on Instagram, like Megan McKenna and Sophie Kasaei but never really looked into their products. 

Upon receiving, it was packaged so nicely, I loved it! It came in a black and white box, wrapped with a ribbon, which was a cute little touch. I find the packaging very sleek and simple! I have seen other kits in different purple packaging, which I have a feeling is the old packaging, correct me if I am wrong though.

The brow kits come in 4 different colours; Brown, Dark Brown, Irid Brown & Charcoal. As I have quite dark, black/brown eyebrow hairs, I chose the eyebrow kit in the colour 'Charcoal', which is the darkest kit which after testing seems like a good match, although I wish I had gone for the 'Dark Brown' kit, just because I use slightly lighter products on my brows, but I can still make it work! Inside the Brow Kit you have the brow powder in a little compact, a double ended brush (angled and fluffy) and 3 eyebrow stencils for different shapes/sizes (Thin, Natural & Thick). 

Key Features:
  • The Brow powder is water resistant, smudge proof, sweat proof and lasts up to 24 hours.
  • The stencils give you that added definition in seconds.
  • Double ended brush. Fluffy side to fill brows in quickly and angled for more definition.

My thoughts..
I quite like the brow powder, although I wish I had gotten a slightly lighter, warmer kit, but I made it work and I really liked the finish look. However, I did expect the brow powder to be a little more pigmented, especially when using it freehand with the angled side of the brush. I found it quite hard to overdraw my brows unless I layered and kept adding product, so I think it's more suited to brows that only need filling in, in sparse areas, not overlining. 

One thing I will say, is I'm a little confused by the concept of the name, 'Semi Permanent' but it's said to only last up to 24 hours, which is technically not semi permanent, which is confusing! However, after testing the product out, I have found it has lasted very long!

I'm not a fan of the eyebrow stencils, at all. There's 3 different stencils; Thin, Natural and Thick. Now, I don't have very thick, bushy eyebrows myself, I actually considered them to be quite thin, but not even the 'Thick' stencil fits over my brow, which is really disappointing as I really wanted to try these out! Comparing the stencils, they're VERY similar in size, even between the thin and thick, so I don't understand that and don't find them useful. But, if you have particularly thin eyebrows, these would work for you.

The double-ended brush, I really loved! It's a two in one. I prefer filling in my brows with the angled side, just because I can define more with this side. I only recommend using the fluffy side if you're using the eyebrow stencils, as you definitely won't be getting a very neat look without them. Also, if you're using the stencils with the fluffy side of the brush, I find it deposits product really well when I attempted to use the stencils (it was such a fail), better than free handing.

Overall, I thought the product was good, i'll definitely be playing around with it a little more to see if I can make it work better for me!

*This product was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.
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