Hi lovelies, i'm back with another makeup look, I did say I would do these more often so I hope you're liking them! If you follow me on Instagram (@katherinem_x Go follow me if you want, i'll love you forever haha!) you may have seen I posted this look a couple weeks ago and that I also did this makeup on my brothers girlfriend Leanne! I find that it really compliments brown eyes and I absolutely love anything rose gold, so i'm living for this look.

The other week, my boyfriend and I planned to go out for dinner that night so I thought whilst he was at work, i'd sit down hours before and glam myself up, especially I hadn't worn makeup in literally forever! Also, I had quite a bit of new makeup I wanted to play around with, especially the Colourpop Super Shock shadows, omg they're amazing btw. I ended up with this rose gold/copper eye and i'm absolutely LOVING it. I can tell this will be my go-to glam!

Foundation: Maybelline - Fit Me Matte & Poreless
Concealer: Maybelline - Fit Me
Powder: Laura Mercier - Loose Translucent Powder
Bronzer: Benefit - Hoola / Kiko Milano - Bronzer Powder
Highlight: The Balm - MaryLou Manizer
Brows: ABH - Dip Brow & Benefit - Ready, Set, Brow!
Eyes: Zoeva - Cocoa Blend & Colourpop - Sequin
Lips: Kylie Lip Kit - Dolce K

Now onto the eye details...

Before I start any eye look, I always prime/conceal my eyelids to get rid of any discolouration and basically a blank canvas for eyeshadow. It also increases the longevity of the eyeshadow and reduces creasing, especially as I have quite oily eyelids! 

I like to prime with the Soft Ochre Paint Pot from MAC. It's great for a base and to get rid of any discolouration or veins on the eyelids and has a yellow undertone which suits my skin tone. Then, I always set it with translucent powder to prevent any creasing, and this gives a velvet finish for the shadows to blend seamlessly on top. 

If you've read some of my other blog posts, you would know the Zoeva Palette is a favourite of mine. It's basically my go-to palette, has amazing range of shades, so creamy and pigmented!

I started off with taking 'Substitute For Love' very lightly as a warm transition shade, which I applied with a large fluffy brush just above my natural crease. I took the same shade again on a tapered crease brush with more product, and blended this into the crease. I started off with little and built the colour up whilst blending each time, just keep blending until your arms falls off, basically!

To add some dimension and depth, I took the shade 'Freshly Toasted' (my fave shade out of the palette) which is a deeper, warm brown with a smaller crease brush for precision. I patted this on the outer edge of the eye and starting to blend this out. I also dragged and blended this slightly into the crease.

Now to create the main focus of the eye look, the rose gold! I was so excited to try out some new products. I had recently just bought some Colourpop shadows, and Sequin realllllly stood out to me, so I wanted to use it ASAP!

Using my finger, I took the Rose Gold Makeup Revolution Foil Shadow and applied it all over the lid. Then, I took the Colourpop Super Shock shadow in Sequin and patted this on top. These two mixed together really created that rose gold look, and the colourpop shadow gave a little more sparkle to the look. 

I took 'Bitter Start' which is a white/cream shadow with a flat shader brush and patted this on the brow bone for that brow highlight. This shadow is super pigmented so I usually just take a fluffy brush and blend the crease and brow highlight together to look seamless!

I don't like to wear mascara on my bottom lashes, so I always like to smoke out the bottom lid. I took 'Substitute For Love' and 'Freshly Toasted' and blended this across my bottom lid and lash line with a tiny dense brush and this brought the whole look together! Then to finish off the look, I applied some mascara and my favourite wispy lashes from Ebay!

I hope you've enjoyed this post, lots of more makeup looks to come on the blog!

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