I absolutely love Gerard Cosmetic's products, especially their liquid lippies. So after seeing this around Instagram here and there and browsing on the Beauty Bay website, I ended up giving in and buying their Slay All Day Setting SprayI thought i'd do a quick blog post with my thoughts and review on this setting spray as after searching, I never really found much about it and if I did, it was nothing but good reviews, so I wanted to share my honest opinion with you guys, what I liked and what I didn't like about the product. Let me know in the comments if you've tried these sprays and what you thought!

Of course, as always i'm starting off with the packing. Yes. The packaging is great, no denying that! It's definitely the biggest aspect to which it attracted me to the product in the first place, not the product itself and the wear but the packaging (if you've read my previous reviews, you know how much I care about it!). Price wise, it currently retails on for £14.50 which i'm like 99.9% sure has increased as I bought it a couple months ago for £12.50... weird. I think for the price I paid, it's pretty reasonable with the quality of the spray, but what it's retailing for now, I personally wouldn't bother and would just opt out an extra fiver and go for the Urban Decay sprays as they are bomb. I know it's literally an extra £2, but you know, there's a line, thats nearly £15 and in my opinion it's not worth it!

There is currently 7 different "flavours" (is that what it's called?) or scents of the Slay All Day Spray, and as you can see from the photos, I chose the scent in 'Jasmine' which came in the pretty pink bottle. Now, there's no doubt that this product doesn't keep your makeup in place all day.. because it does! As it's a matte setting spray, it really locks in your makeup and any oils and does a great job at that. However, even though I have oily-combo skin, I find that it really dulls my highlight and I honestly feel 'too matte' if thats even a thing? I like to look a little hydrated and not 'flat'?!

However, my main problem with this setting spray is the scent. There's no denying that jasmine is a horrid scent anyways, well in my opinion, god knows why I chose it! But, I find this spray unbearable. At first, I thought "Ooo, this smells a little funky" but as time has gone on and i've used it more, i've unfortunately had to stop using it as I just can't stand it! Obviously, it could be different for anyone else, they may love it so don't hold that against me, but I really wish I had chosen a different scented spray, possibly Cucumber or something. 

My overall thoughts on this product is basically a thumbs down unfortunately. I don't think the formula of the setting spray is all that bad, it's more the scent for me. Having chosen Jasmine, the scent of the spray is REALLY bad and extremely distinctive! I tried passing the scent and using it, but it's literally impossible, and anything I wore whilst I sprayed this setting spray picked it up like sh*t to a blanket and smelt like I was wearing it as a bloody perfume for day, ew! I honestly wish I brought a different scent, but who know's if they would be the same? What are your thoughts on this setting spray?

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