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Me and my hair fall out all the time, so new hair products are exciting for me, to see if there is anything new that can save our relationship. Today's post is about some Tangle Teezer products, some are new product launches (how exciting?!) and some from their existing collection. I was very fortunate enough to be given some of their products to try out, so I thought I would I might as well feature them in a blog post on my blog and share the love!

I absolutely love Tangle Teezer products and use them everyday for my hair, so when I received these, I was so grateful! My current tangle teezer has been with me a while and gone through the wars with my hair, so this was perfect timing as it definitely needed replacing!

I bought my first Tangle Teezer about 2 years ago now after hearing so much about it. At first I was a little skeptical and it did take some time to get used to the hold of the brush as it doesn't have a handle, but it is honestly the best thing I have ever purchased for my hair! I thought i'd try one out as my hair was so long and damaged, it would matte together constantly underneath. It was ridiculously painful to brush out and I can't even tell you how many of my brushes would snap. My hair was that bad, I actually ended up cutting off around 8 inches (*sigh*), but the brush was just a life saver!

Onto the brushes...

1. BLOW-STYLER - Full Size | RRP: £20
This brush is a brand new product that has recently just launched into stores and online, so I was so excited to try this out! The past year, I've actually stopped using straighteners on my hair and I just like to blow dry my hair straight for less heat damage and with a cheap ceramic barrel brush. It's said to give a quick and smooth blow-style and that is exactly what it does! I've been using this brush for the last month and it's amazing. It's quite a big brush and it's so easy to use, blow drying takes half the time. My hair isn't as frizzy, smooth and has loads of volume. If you're like me with long hair and blow drying is such a task, this brush is honestly the best to use!

This brush also comes in two sizes, half size and full size. I personally would recommend the Half Size brush (£18) for those with short-medium length hair, and Full Size for those with long, thick hair. 

2. SALON ELITE - Lemon Sherbet (Limited Edition) | RRP: £11.60
Looks wise, this has to be my favourite out of the lot. I just love the colours, it's super cute and summery with the lemon yellow base and baby pink teeth! This has been my everyday brush since receiving it and has replaced my old one, which I have now parted with (sad times). This Salon Elite brush has a slightly different shape (slightly bigger) to the Original Tangle Teezers, to give salon quality finishes, but overall I believe it does the exact same job in detangling hair, pain free! I believe this one is limited edition, so if you love it as much as I do, go grab it quick!!

3. SALON ELITE - Blue Blush | RRP: £11.60
This brush is another super cute one. I love the bright blue and neon pink teeth, and I think thats another thing that I love about Tangle Teezers, that they have so many different colours/patterns to choose from, makes it fun buying a brush (they even just came out with a Pug one!). I've given this one to my mum to try, as she's never tried any Tangle Teezer brushes, i'm not sure if she's used it or what not, so i'll have to ask... hopefully she loves it though!

4. COMPACT STYLER - Pink Sizzle | RRP: £12.49
I always wanted to buy one of the Compact Tangle Teezers as its so practical for on the go. I literally put this one straight into my handbag so I didn't forget. My hair gets tangled so easily throughout the day, so this is amazing to have on hand. It also has a removable cover to protect the teeth from any dirt, dust and fluff in your bag, which we wouldn't want on our hair!

5. COMPACT STYLER - Men's Compact Groomer | RRP: £12.49
Tangle Teezer recently came out with the 'Men's Groomer' brush, to detangle hair and beards. Obviously I'm not a man nor do I have a beard, so I gave this to my boyfriend to try out as his beard is his pride and joy and he loves grooming it. It's also compact which is great as it can fit in bags for on the go. He's been using it for the last month and surprisingly, he loves it. I say surprisingly, because I expected him to not use it and just shove it into a draw, but he said he's been using it everyday and makes his beard feel extremely soft!

I absolutely love Tangle Teezer brushes and would never buy any other brush. I couldn't fault any of them at all. They're hands down my favourite, so I hope if you haven't already, go try one out and see what the hype it about!

All brushes in today's post can be found on the Tangle Teezer or Boots website!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and I have convinced you to treat your hair to a new brush and stay tuned for more posts weekly!

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