HAUL | JULY 2016

I literally cannot believe how quick July has gone... it feels like it never even existed and before we know it, Christmas will be round the bloody corner! So I thought i'd do a blog post on all the bits and bobs I purchased in the July month as, myself, I love watching hauls or seeing what others bought, which always gives me some inspiration and a few items to add on to my wishlist... sorry in advance!

1. Ebay - Chunky Glitter Pots | £0.99p 
I bought quite a few of these glitter pots, which I used for my festival inspired makeup look and I think they're great! Not only are they super, super cheap, they're really good quality. Glitter is great fun (and messy) and I've seen so glitter pots that aren't so cheap, so when I saw these on Ebay for 99p, I had to get a few. The shop on Ebay I bought them from also had a great deal on at the time of 'buy 3, get 3 free' So I ended up spending £2.97 for 6 pots!!! If you haven't seen my 'Festival Inspired Makeup' blog post, quickly go take a look. 

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills - That Glow | £39
I FINALLY bought myself one of the ABH highlighter palettes. These came out quite a while ago and they can be seen literally everywhere, so I pushed and treated myself as I've wanted one for ages! They've brought out quite a few new ones recently and after purchasing one, I think I'm going to have to go and purchase the rest. I love ABH makeup and these palettes are amazing, so pigmented and buttery. 

3. Zoeva - Rose Golden Brush Set | £65
I recently purchased this brush set from Zoeva as they are my absolute favourite brushes and I couldn't recommend them enough! I got my first two sets for my birthday last year and they have been my go-to brushes since. They are extremely soft, great at applying and blending makeup, amaaaazing quality and don't shed too much. They are also vegan and cruelty free! I definitely want to buy some more individual brushes that are available and I have my eyes on another few brush sets.

4. Ebay - False Eyelashes | £2
I am a crazy false eyelash wearer, so I love finding and trying out different styles of all sorts, natural, dramatic and long, which ever! Although there are some absolute beautiful lashes on the market, I am not a fan of paying extreme prices when I can get so much cheaper that are still great quality. So I always have a look on Ebay as you can get great sets for so cheap. Some are from UK sellers or somethings come from China, so postage is longer (2-3 weeks). Ebay is literally the biggest life saver I think, you can literally find everything and anything on there! 

5. Sony - A5000 Compact System Camera | £300
I can't even tell you how long I wanted this camera for, so when I finally decided to take the plunge and buy it, I had to search high and low as it was out of stock EVERYWHERE!!! It's such a popular camera and I thought it would be months until I would find it in stock somewhere, so I was jumping up and down when it came back in stock on the Jessops website. I wanted to invest into a camera, especially now as starting a blog, I wanted better quality photos and what not. Eventually I do want to start a Youtube channel. No idea when that will be as I haven't got the guts, but I know a lot of youtubers and bloggers use this camera so I thought it'd be perfect.  

6. Spectrum - A04 Brush | £7.99
If you've read my previous blog post, you would have read that I actually got this brush completely FREE! I used my Birchbox points that I saved up from reviewing products in each months box, which is an amazing perk. When I saw that this beauty was available on the Birchbox Shop, I knew that was the first thing I would spend my points on. I had enough points for the cost of the brush and the postage so I spent absolutely nothing! I've always wanted to try out Spectrum brushes, but I already have so many so I never bought any. I love the combination of colours used, with the pink handle, and blue and purple bristles. This brush has lots of different ways it can be used; highlight, setting powder, concealer. 

7. Ebay - Eye Glitter Pots | £1.50 
I bought these fine, eye glitter pots as I really want to start creating looks using glitter, for more glam makeup looks. Glitter can be used quite a few ways for eye looks, so i'm currently practising to get it perfect as it can be quite messy and fiddly. I only bought two, to start with and got a champagne and a copper colour one, but I definitely want to buy some more in all the different colours! 

8. MAC - Mineralize Finish: Global Glow | £24
I've only ever tried one other highlighter from MAC which was the famous Soft & Gentle, which I actually ended up giving up as after a while, I never used it and found it to be quite glittery and I wasn't too keen on it. But after a while, I thought i'd try out another and went for it this time in Global Glow, which is more up my alley as it is more golden toned than pink. I've literally only swatched this and haven't used it as I haven't been wearing makeup a lot the past couple weeks due to breakouts, but so far I like it much more!

9. Kylie Cosmetics - Lip Kits | $29
I finally jumped on the band wagon and got myself a couple of the Kylie lip kits in Koko K & Kourt K. Obviously these have been literally everywhere the past year, so I thought i'd try them and actually ended up buying another two the other day in Dolce K & Candy K, which i'm still waiting to arrive! I actually really like these, and I knew I'd like these colours. I really want to try some of her matte metals and the lip glosses... although i'm not really a lip gloss person and her new birthday edition collection coming out, eurgh it's so beautiful!

1. NARS - Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder | £27
One of my favourite powders to set my whole face and foundation and I was gutted when I finished it, so I had to buy another. I love this powder and I think I will forever be repurchasing this until I find something better (which is so hard!!). 

11. Ebay - True Lips Lip Liners | £4.95
These are great value and especially for the price. You get 12 lip liners in the package and they're really good quality! They apply really smoothly, buttery and very pigmented. Theres loads of pink toned colours, nude, orange and dark purple. Only downfall is that a few of them are very similar if not the same colour, but again I didn't expect much from this as they were super cheap!

Hope you enjoyed my haul post & hopefully i'll be able to show you each month the bits and bobs i've collected.
I'd love to know what you bought this month!

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