The past few years have revolved around a huge obsession with Kylie Jenner and her lips. Debates on whether she'd had lip injections and the crazy 'Kylie Lip Challenge' (which was stupid may I add), leading to peoples lips bruising and even to the point of splitting and exploding from using silly objects like shot glasses and candles to plump their lips! 

Recently, I received from the lovely girls at My Perfect Pout (@PerfectPout) the Natural Lip Enhancer* in Small Oval. This product enhances and emphasises the shape and appearance of you natural lips without any need for cosmetic surgery or lip injections! My Perfect pout have a range of different sizes and styles of the Lip Enhancer to suit everyone and to ensure you get the best fit and maximise the results.

I've been testing the Natural Lip Enhancer for quite a few weeks now, and it hasn't disappointed me. I've literally been using it everyday and its so amazing. It's also now a part of my pre-makeup preparation routine! It's such handy device, in a small compact form and works wonderfully. I, myself am quite conscious of my lips. I find them uneven due to scaring on my top lip and would love them to be fuller! I've wanted  lip fillers for years now, but it's something I could never afford and still can't, so this method does the job perfectly!

So, if you want to know how to get fuller lips, keep on reading!

Exfoliating the lips will get rid of any dry and flakey skin on the lips, which will give you a smooth lipstick application at the end. It also plumps, as it reinforces the blood to rise to the surface. This isn't completely necessary, but I believe it makes a difference.

I use a lip scrub, but a toothbrush also does the trick, and I find it brings better results this way too!

Just simply apply your lip scrub and rub onto and around the lips until finished and wipe away, or if your using a toothbrush, run it under the tap quickly or apply some balm, then brush back and forth around the lips.

After exfoliating, we don't want our lips to dry out, so apply a tiny bit of lip balm or vaseline to the lips. Applying a balm before using the Natural Lip Enhancer will also help and make the plumping process easier as the enhancer will fit comfortably on the lips. Also, using the enhancer without any balm will cause the lips to feel extremely tight, so make sure you do! My absolute favourite to use is the Elizabeth Arden 8hr balmI apply this all over and just around the lining of the lips.

Time to use my Natural Lip Enhancer from My Perfect Pout! It's really easy and simple to use. I found it a little tricky to keep it steady on my lips at first, but you get the hang of it after a while.

1. Slightly pout your lips 
2. Place the Lip Enhancer in the centre of your lips
3. Push your lips slightly into the enhancer
4. Begin to suck, until enhancer is comfortable and stable on the lips
5. After 30 seconds, remove by popping your finger in-between your lips and the enhancer to break the seal
6. And you are finished! Or repeat steps 1-5 until desired result

I always use the lip enhancer in 30 second intervals as you can check the progress each time and know when you want to stop at your desired size.  

When using the enhancer, sometimes you will feel a tingling sensation/tiny throbbing in the lips, which is normal as the blood is rushing to the surface. Although it should not, If in any way it's uncomfortable or painful, remove straight away!

Step 4: LIP LINER  
Lining the lips is a definite must, especially when you're trying to achieve fuller looking lips. Lining defines and emphasises your lip shape. I can never wear lipstick without lining first, it also helps towards an easy, neat lipstick application.

TIP 1: Overlining - 
I always slightly over line my lips myself, but never to the point it looks ridiculous and obvious, just slighting around the natural lining and curves of the lips. I also do this, as my lips are slightly uneven, so overlining makes them look more symmetrical and appear fuller.

TIP 2: Darker Lip Liner - 
Using a darker lip liner is essentially like contouring, except for your lips. It will create an almost shadow like appearance when finished with lipstick/gloss etc. Obviously don't go for something like a black lip liner, just one that is a few shades darker than your lipstick, and then blend together. 

The last and final step is to apply your favourite lippy to finish off the look. I'm a nude lippy kinda girl, sometimes I will alternate and go for a red or darker lip, but almost 99.9% of the time it's a nude! 

TIP 1: Ombre - 
Apply either a lighter lipstick or a dab of light concealer in the centre of the lips. This will make them appear to be more plumped and lifted. I don't own a lipstick light enough, so I always use a teeny tiny bit of concealer, then blend together seamlessly and it does the trick perfectly!

TIP 2: Highlight - 
I always dab a tiny bit of highlighter onto my cupids bow and the centre of the lips (or alot, cause it's highlighter after all!). This again enhances the centre, appearing them to look a lot more fuller than they are. 

TIP 3: Lipgloss - 
I'm not much of a lipgloss wearer if i'm honest, as I prefer matte lipsticks so much more. I find with gloss, it can get messy, especially having long hair + the wind = a no go. But I will say, the only gloss I ever do use, if I do is the Benefit Cosmetics Ultra Plush in Hoola. Applying lipgloss to the lips, especially in the centre makes them appear a lot more fuller, juicier and again lifted!

Finished Look!

I hope you enjoyed today's post, as I really enjoyed writing up this one! 
Hopefully you have also taken some tips and tricks with you along the way!

*This product was sent to me for testing and review purposes. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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