Hey lovelies!
I'm back again with a makeup look. Sorry I haven't done one of these in ages, literally since I had started my blog. I had planned to do loads of makeup looks, so i'm definitely going to make more of an effort to include these type of posts on my blog, don't worry!
I have quite a few different summer makeup looks in mind, so i'm thinking of posting quite a few in the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

During the summer months, I absolutely love glowy, bronzed skin and getting into that holiday feel. So today's blog post is exactly that. I always tend to go for quite full makeup looks, no matter what the weather, as that's just what I love!

On to the details...

The base is probably the most important thing about wearing makeup during the summer, considering we don't want our makeup to budge and slide from the heat. It's always key to keep moisture and hydration in your skin, whether you use a tinted moisturiser or a full coverage foundation, so make sure you have moisturised, used a hydrating primer/spray. Oh and don't forget to apply a foundation with SPF or some sunscreen before hand cv!

Primer: Benefit The Porefessional - Matte Rescue 
Primer is vital, especially during the hotter months to ensure your base makeup will last as long as possible. My absolute favourite, that I couldn't recommend enough is the Benefit Matte Rescue primer! I love the consistency of this primer, it's refreshing and keeps the skin matte, which is what i definitely need during the summer. 

Illuminator Base: NYX - Liquid Illuminator in 'GLEAM' 
As it's summer, I wanted some extra glow and dewiness so I applied a small amount of the NYX Liquid Illuminator in GLEAM and buffed it into the skin for a glowy base before applying my foundation.

Foundation: Maybelline - Fit Me Matte in '130' 
For foundation, I like to use something matte and that I know will last me throughout the day in hot weather. Although i'm using a matte foundation, I add the glow back in afterwards with other products to achieve the glowy skin. One of my favourite picks is the Maybelline Fit Me Matte from the drugstore. It's super matte, has great coverage and lasts for what seems like forever!

Concealer: Maybelline - Fit Me in '15'
Even in the summer, I still like to conceal those under eye circles and I love a good highlight too! I've only recently bought this concealer from all the good things i've heard about it and I love it already. I apply this under the eyes, centre of the forehead, down the bridge of my nose and a little on the chin to highlight the centre of the face. 

Powder: Laura Mercier - Loose Translucent Setting Powder / Rimmel London - Matte Setting Powder 
Setting the face is absolutely essential, otherwise I end up looking like the grease from a turkey at Christmas in an hour (literally, lol!). I love to pack on the Laura Mercier translucent powder under the eyes, to set my concealer and this prevents it from creasing. Then, I use the Rimmel powder to set my whole face!

Setting Spray: Makeup Revolution - Oil Control
I feel like this setting spray has been included in all my blog posts, but I love it! This is my go-to at the moment and it works perfectly. At first I didn't really care to use it, as I didn't give it a chance, but I can't go without it now!

This is where we really achieve the bronzed and glowy look. I usually love quite a strong contour, but during summer I prefer to swap the contouring for lots of bronzer and of course, pack on that highlight to resemble a disco ball. 

Bronzer: Kiko Milano - Bronzer Powder 
I absolutely love bronzing and there are so many good bronzers on the market, it kills me!! But, this is one of my trusty ones and it's amazing. I love the tone of this bronzer as warm toned, not too orange but not too cool toned either, it's perfect and I think it's such a dupe for the Benefit Hoola. Last time I checked, this bronzer was actually on sale on the Kiko website for like £2.90... which is the biggest bargain yet!! I haven't checked recently, so it may still be on sale (fingers crossed!).

Blush: Sleek Makeup - Life's a Peach 
I'm not really a blush kinda gal, so I literally own maybe two? But, I really love this blush for the summer time, as it's a coral shade, which I find is perfect! Although it looks extremely intense in the pan, it's quite subtle and gives that healthy glow and colour back into the cheeks. 

Highlight: Topshop - Glow Pot 'GLEAM' / BECCA x Jaclyn Hill - Champagne Pop 
I've mentioned the Topshop glow pot in a few of my posts, but thats just because it's truly amazing! For that extra glow, I love applying the glow pot to the top of my cheek bones and the tip of my nose as a creamy base before applying my powder highlight. 

Then, I love the apply Champagne Pop on top of the cheek bones, temples, down the bridge of the nose and on the cupids bow. Applying this over the glow pot, intensifies that highlight by x100000!

I love going simple on the eyes, especially when I want the skin to be the main focus of attention. I still like to have a little something something on the eyes, but something that is just effortless and blown out and warm toned for the summer. 

Base: MAC - Paint Pot in 'Soft Ochre' 
When I wear eyeshadow, I always always always apply a base. I have quite dark eyelids, so applying the paint pot creates a blank canvas for my eyeshadows to sit on. It also ensures my eyeshadows don't crease throughout the day. Once I've applied my base, I always set with a translucent shadow, so my eyeshadows blend smoothly. 

Eyeshadow: Tarte Cosmetics - Tartlette In Bloom 
1. Taking 'SMARTY PANTS' with a fluffy blending brush, I apply this into the crease as my transition shade.
2. Then, I take 'REBEL' on a smaller soft crease brush, which will give me more precision. I blend this directly into the crease and into the transition shade. I always start minimal and blend along whilst building up colour to desired look. 
3. Using a flat shader brush, I take the shade 'FUNNY GIRL' and apply on the inner to mid half of the mobile lid.
4. Lastly, I take a large fluffy blending brush and blend everything seamlessly until there is no harsh lines. 
    I used all the shadows lightly, and with a very light hand, as I wanted the eyes to look very natural and simple. 

    Mascara & Falsies: Too Faced - Better Than Sex & Ebay - False Eyelashes 
    No look is complete with out mascara and/or falsies. I have quite short, thin eyelashes, so falsies are a must for me and my favourite at the moment are these cheap Ebay lashes that are super wispy and fluttery. 

    Liner: MAC - 'Spice'
    I honestly don't think there is a day I go without using this lip liner! It's my favourite out of so many and just suits my complexion really well. 

    Lipstick: Kylie Cosmetics - Lip Kit in 'Dolce K' 
    I decided to go for a dark nude brown for this look, just to match with the bronzed skin. I really, really like his liquid lipstick, although it shows up terribly orange on my camera (I need to sort the settings out!). 

    Lipgloss: Benefit Cosmetics - Ultra Plush in 'Hoola' 
    I don't tend to wear gloss very often, but I thought as i'm doing a very glowy look, this would look perfect  and tie the look together. If I ever decide to wear gloss, 99.9% it will be this one! I love the colour, its pretty clear with a hint of brown, not sticky at all and applies smoothly. 

    I wasn't quite happy with any of the photos I took of this makeup. I just couldn't seem to capture all the details of the glowy skin and eye look which kinda sucks, but never mind!

    I hope you have enjoyed today's post anyways and stay for more, as I have lots planned for this month! 

    Also, come say hi on my Instagram (@katherinem_X), would love to get to know more of you!

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