Hey lovelies, happy Friday! Hope you're ready for the bank holiday weekend.
I'm back again with this month's Birchbox blog post. I'll be honest... I was pretty disappointed with this month's subscription. I know this is only my third month being subscribed to Birchbox, but it has been my least favourite yet! I didn't hate everything in the bag, nor was I absolutely obsessed with everything, which is expected, but this month's products just didn't live up to my other boxes products and I've seen quite the few people on social media who were disappointed too and even quit their subscriptions!!!

I expected there would be a time where I would receive a box that I wasn't totally obsessed with, but thats okay! i'm not really too bothered about it and definitely won't be cancelling my subscription over it either. Plus I love feeling like it's Christmas every month when the postman knocks at the door (who doesn't?!). 

So, this month was a little different than the usual, no box, but a bag! All of August's products came in these cute little neoprene bags, which were available in loads of different neon colours, and mine came in the blue. I quite liked this idea, as I don't know what i'd end up doing with 10000 boxes?! They all have such beautiful designs and patterns, i'd end up hoarding them all, so at least with this little bag, I could put some good use to it, maybe as a little makeup bag for my handbag or something! As usual, there were 5 products in the bag and an extra sample! 

Onto the products...

Marcelle: Waterproof Eyeliner in Expresso | £10.50
This product is a Birchbox Exclusive and at the end of July you actually got the chance to choose which colour you preferred to be included in your subscription. It was between Expresso and Mulberry, I ended up choosing Expresso as I don't usually use any eyeliner because my eye colour is already so dark, but if I ever do, I only have brown eyeliners as I find brown actually compliments my eyes! I kinda (just a lil bit) wish I picked Mulberry, which was a gorgeous purple shade, as I wanted to start incorporating more colour into my eye looks, and I believe purple goes well with brown eyes.

Surprisingly, I actually liked this as I don't wear eyeliner, like hardly ever! I used this for the first time in my recent blog post on the 'Sultry Smokey Eye' (if you haven't read that yet, go ahead and read it here!) It's a lovely dark, expresso brown... well, the name says it all and it's definitely waterproof. No smudging or budging.  

Anatomicals: The Buff Stuff - Citrus Body Scrub | £3.99
The packaging of this product stood the most out to me from all the products in this month's Birchbox. It's such a cute combination of candy pink and yellow and not to mention, this stuff smells incredible! It smells of grapefruit, so yummy (don't eat it... seriously don't) but again, I don't know, I just wasn't feeling a body scrub to be honest, I would have much preferred some face products! 

But, lets be honest... this will probably be one of those sample products that will just sit in my bathroom cabinet, waiting to be used, along with all my other body products that have nice packaging... cause I will always end up using my Sanex, sorry lol! No, but real talk, products like this just don't really appeal to me, just because i'm not really into venturing out and trying cool brands and products when it comes to body wash, I just want something simple, thats soapy and makes me clean!

Merci: Handy Love & Cleansing Gel in Lollipop | £2.90

When I first looked at this product, I didn't know what the hell it was. It's a nifty little product, that smells just like lollipops and candy, also handy to pop into your handbag, but I did not expect to receive a bottle of hand sanitizer in my Birchbox... no offence haha! 

The packing is pretty snazzy and it's cute that they come in loads of different scents, flavours, whatever they're called. But this is definitely not something I would repurchase. My whole house is filled with santizers, like everywhere, literally up to my forehead in them! When you have a mother who works in healthcare and is crazy on hygiene, you end up with a lifetime supply of this stuff. I don't think i'll be needing anymore!

Paul Kingsley: One More Day Dry Shampoo | £14.50
Now this was definitely my favourite out of the whole box and I was really pleased to receive this type of product, something different, but useful. 

I started using this literally straight away, and I love it. It's so much better than my Batiste dry shampoo's, just because it smells so much better, doesn't leave you looking like an old biddy and the you can tell the quality is great, but you get what you pay for! Theres definitely a large difference in price to your usual dry shampoo, I mean, c'mon... nearly £15 for dry shampoo is extortionate! I know some people do pay these prices, but i'm a student, and students can't afford nice things, so I won't be repurchasing for the time being! 

Balance Me: Radiance Face Mask | £18
If you read my post on the Little-Known Box subscription service, you would have read that this product was actually included in it too!

 I have previously tried this and it's so god damn good... and now I got another yay! I'm not complaining that this product is in this month's because I love it, so it's a bonus for me, saves me spending £18 on a brand new one. Only thing I was a little bummed about was the size of the product. Comparing to the product size I received in the Little-Known Box, it was so much better! 

But anyways, I love this face mask. It has tiny little beads, to exfoliate the skin gently and really brightens up the skin's complexion. 

English Laundry: Signature For Her EDP Spray For Women | £60
When I first signed up to Birchbox, you could customise your profile to ensure you had the best fit of products in your boxes each month, and it did include that you will receive perfume samples at least 6 times per year, which i'm totally cool with. No, i'm not the biggest fan on perfume samples, but I expected it to come and I guess they're pretty handy to pop into your handbag for on the go!

The packaging is super cute and summery, a really nice orange/pink. At first, I really didn't expect much from this, because of the name. I instantly thought, what the f*ck is this lol! But it surprised me and it actually smells lovely! I haven't used it yet, it's in the bottom of my bag, but i'm going to make sure I use it up before using my favourite perfumes.

So, thats all of this month's Birchbox products. I hope you've enjoyed the post (and my little rants lol)!
Until next time, 

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