So, it's officially Autumn, well it started last month... BUT YA KNOW. I mean it's officially Autumn in the aspect where it's now acceptable to start wearing cute jumpers, chunky scarfs and getting those booties out. Autumn/winter has to be my favourite season for makeup. The warm browns and orange tones are just 'me' and I like to wear these sort of looks all year round to be honest! 

Recently, I've seen quite a few blog posts on bloggers favourite Autumn makeup picks, like palettes, lipsticks etc. so I thought i'd share my eyeshadow palette picks for this season, that will definitely be used a hell of a lot! 

So lets start with one of my all time favourites and a goody. Like, you can't go wrong with this palette at all. It has everything you need to create those orange toned, smokey eyes and even natural looks. Theres countless makeup looks that could be created with this palette, it's worth it! It's super affordable for what you get compared to other eyeshadow palettes, I mean around 35 super pigmented, creamy shadows... you can't not! It retails for around £20 on Cult Beauty, but I do believe it's out of stock at the moment so keep your eyes peeled. 

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS - Modern Renaissance Palette
This is actually my newest baby in my palette collection. I'm so in love, like completely. After seeing it everywhere, from youtube, Insta I HAD to own it. The colours are just perfect for this season, all warm toned, orange, reds. I honestly can't even fault this palette, like the packaging for a start is a dream, velvet mauve pink casing, urm HELLO?! Unfortunately, this palette also seems to be out of stock everywhere, but i'm not surprised at all.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY - Vintage Vamp Palette
I feel so sorry for this little guy as it's just shoved in the back of my draw and only used during these seasons! I don't know why I don't use this palette more often around the year as it's so beautiful, I honestly just forget about it, especially as it's pretty small and compact it gets hidden! But not too worry, it's perfect for this season and will definitely be making an appearance again. I just love the red and purple toned browns in this palette, they're so beautiful and blend like magic. To be honest, the whole palette just screams "ME" with the pop of gold glitter. 

I only have three palettes that come to mind straight away in Autumn as the rest are very neutral and don't make the part you know? Well, I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and I would LOVE to know what your favourite Autumn makeup picks are, I need some major inspiration and I guess any excuse to buy new makeup! 

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