When you're completely and utterly obsessed with makeup, you end up with makeup all over the place, mess EVERYWHERE, so investing in some good ol' storage is definitely worth it! Plus it's nice to have your makeup collection all organised and looking pretty on display. For me, my makeup storage needs to be something convenient, that doesn't take up the whole room. I would LOVE to have a beauty station/room but mine isn't big enough so this will do!

HerClutterBox very kindly sent me the 'Spinning Lipstick & Powder Tower' acrylic storage which is one of their new products and retails for £80.11/ €88.99/ $97.63. They also have so many different models of storage from nail varnish racks to acrylic drawers, which all look incredible. Currently, they have these special bundles of storage pieces for great prices and a massive pre-Christmas sale on right NOW!

If I am honest, I was very skeptical at first because of how expensive their storage is. I know there are loads of acrylic storage for SO much cheaper from Muji, China, Ebay so I was thinking... is it really worth these prices? I've bought acrylic storage previously for like £7 if that from China which you can tell is very cheap and low quality! When my HerClutterBox storage arrived, I honestly just laughed at how different and amazing the quality of the ClutterBox is. You can instantly tell how high quality it is from how it looks and the weight. It was INCREDIBLY heavy, the acrylic was very thick and sturdy, and the storage overall was MUCH bigger than I imagined, which I feel that other companies lack.

The Lipstick and Powder Tower holds up to 72 lipsticks and 16 powder/eyeshadow palettes. There are sides compartments which can be used for lip liners, or makeup brushes and liquid lipsticks. To top it off, it also has 5 drawer compartments at the bottom including both sides. It's so compact and perfect for holding lots of makeup in a smaller area as it's very tall and spins for more storage!

I love that this storage has little side compartments, it's a nice little touch and whatever you choose to store in them looks pleasing to the eye! You can store lip liners, liquid lipsticks, brushes, there is so much you can store in there, I just recommend don't put anything thats short otherwise you'll have a hard time getting them out haha! I chose to store some of my favourite liquid lipsticks such as Colourpop, Lime Crime, Kylie lip kits and my favourite and only Kat Von D, which I DEFINITELY need to get more of! On the other side, I popped some of my Spectrum Collections brushes, because they're some of my faves and of course... they look super pretty!

If you are a lipstick hoarder or fanatic, this storage is literally perfect for you. I mean 72 lipsticks.. seventy bloody two lipsticks, what more could you ask for! Personally, I don't own 72 lipsticks, I didn't even manage to fill one side of the lipstick storage, but it just gives me ambition to fill it all up I guess... any excuse really! I even managed to store some smaller lip glosses and concealer, which worked perfectly.

In the mid section, they have 9 compartments on each sides of the storage. 6 of the compartments are great for storing powder, highlighter and bronzer compacts or even small eyeshadow palettes/quads as they are larger and 4 are smaller, which I like to use for storing my Colourpop shadows, glitter pots and my Anastasia brow pommade! I'd say the only downfall of this storage is the smaller mid section compartments. The compartments are slightly slanted, which i'm hoping you can see from the photos and I find that it's quite hard to pull out any shadows and what not from the smaller compartments.

In the first two draw compartments, I used these to store a highlighting palette from Sleek (which is amazing btw) and some of my favourite false eyelashes from Ebay of course, and they fit in so perfectly and with easy access. For the other side, I used the drawers to hold some more highlighter compacts and pressed powders. You could use these draw compartments for any palettes you own too!

The bottom drawer is the deepest of them all, so I used this to store my absolute favourite base products and my most used eyeshadow palette, just so everything was together and easy for me to grab! Although it doesn't look too big, you could actually store more smaller eyeshadow palettes in there if you wished or single shadows to create it a shadow draw.

Overall, I absolutely love this storage. I think I would have preferred maybe a drawer type of storage, but it really surprised me with how much use I could get out of the Lipstick & Powder storage. I would certainly recommend the HerClutterBox storage if you are willing to spend the extra money for something with high high quality, if not Muji do great ones for decent, affordable price!

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