Technic is one of those brands I used to use back in the day, especially when I started getting into makeup years and years ago. They're extremely affordable, great quality for what you pay for and have a massive variety of products to choose from! do still use one Technic product to this day which is the Technic High Lights, an AMAZING dupe for the Benefit's High Beam liquid highlighter, they're literally the same, you all need it in your collection!

As always, I love to try out new products, who doesn't?! So when I had the chance to work with Technic Cosmetics I had to say yes! Not too long after, I received a HUGE package with lots of their new makeup launches*, which is so so kind of them, thank you so much Technic!!! Go follow them on Instagram @technic_cosmetics if you aren't already! Of course, I opened that mail so quick and I was seriously dying to get my hands on everything, test it out and swatch straight away, but of course photos needed to be taken first #BloggerProblems #Priorities lol! 

It's going to be a long one, so sit tight, maybe grab yourself some tea and biscuits (any excuse)...

The first item that really stood out to me when I ripped open that mail bag from excitement was the COLOURFIX CREAM CORRECTING PALETTE. This past year, it's crazy how much i've gotten into colour correcting, but thats just because my skin has been a tragic nightmare, eughhhhh! I started watching video after video on colour correcting, or how to conceal those dark undereye circles and blemishes and from there on out, I started colour correcting and haven't stopped since. I don't own a correcting palette or anything like that, just bought some super cheap individual ones from MUA and been using them daily, so obviously seeing this palette, I just wanted to dive in a play with it instantly. 

As you can see from the swatch photo above, they have pretty good pigmentation! In the palette, there is 8 colour correctors; Pink, Lilac, Green, Peach, Rose, Silver Shimmer, Yellow & Tan, which all work different depending on what you want to colour correct. The most useful colours for me is the green and peach as because my skin is breaking out, which seems like everyday... I need that to counteract the redness and conceal those dark under eyes. I find using a finger to apply this product works best, as the product is quite dense, so using a finger warms the product up which makes it easier to apply and blend! Thats one downfall I find, as i've used creamier products, but it still does the job!

I was lucky enough to receive two eyeshadow palettes, ahhhhh i'm in heaven! The first one is the NUDE 3, I've seen they have many different eyeshadow palettes and they look so similar to the Urban Decay Naked palettes! Possible dupes?! These shadows are quite pigmented, which really shocked me considering how cheap they are. Of course the quality isn't the same as highend palettes, but they're really good for the price if i'm honest. If you're just starting into makeup, or getting into eyeshadow but don't want to spend crazy amounts when experimenting with makeup, these palettes are perfect!

The other palette I received was the BRONZING BAKED EYESHADOW palette. I absolutely love the rose gold/copper casing, cause you know, anything rose gold = life! This eyeshadow palette consists of 6 baked eyeshadows, and as you know any baked eyeshadow seems to have crazy good pigmentation and it was exactly that! I love the colours in this palette, right up my alley... all warm, coppery with shimmer and flecks of glitter, my fave.

This GET GORGEOUS BRONZE highlighter is probably my favourite product I received. As soon as I opened the package and saw this, I was like YAASSSSS GLOW! It is on the bronzy side, which was a little disappointing as it does leave a dark cast on my natural skin tone, so I think it would definitely suit those with darker skin tones for sure. However, when I have fake tan on, which is only really for special occasions, this highlighter works perfectly for me. For now, I like to use it as eyeshadow or to mix with my bronzer for a more glowy look!

I was excited to see this ULTIMATE BROW KIT as i'm currently changing up my brow routine, filing them in for a more natural, feathery look and I believe powders create a more natural brow than pomades, gels and pencils. This brow kit actually reminds me of one I purchased years ago from MUA (Makeup Academy) and is EXTREMELY similar. I was actually pleasantly surprised by this kit, and it worked a lot better than I thought it would. I find most eyebrow products from the drugstore are very warm toned, which never work for me as my eyebrow hairs are a very deep black, however this kit worked pretty well!

I was really happy to see this lipstick in this deep red shade which is just perfect for Autumn! When it comes to lipsticks, i'm a nude kinda gal but I do like to stray away and wear a red/dark lippies here and there. This lipstick is so pigmented it's crazy and smells delicious haha, like sweets and vanilla, which is one of my favourite scents! I actually find this lipstick colour comparable to MAC Diva which is one of my all time favourite red lippies. The only thing I'm not too keen on is the finish, the lipstick has a satin finish, whereas I prefer matte lipsticks (I have a weird obsession), but it can be easily set and made matte with some loose powder! This lipstick is from the TECHNIC LIPSTICK WITH ADDED VITAMIN E collection, which are extra moisturising to the lips which is great for the colder months and those dry, chapped lips but still being able to wear colour! 

The SOFT FOCUS LOOSE POWDER was the first product I used. I've really got into baking (not cakes.. I wish I could lol) the under eyes, so seeing this powder I was really excited to see how it worked! For the last few years I've been using the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder which is definitely on the pricey side and recently i've been using the RMCA No Colour Powder which is amazing, so i'm all for trying new powders that are waaaaay more affordable than my LM powder! I'm not sure if I liked the powder or not just yet. I did find it left a white cast and as for longevity, i'm not sure! I honestly haven't worn it on for that long, so I definitely need to wear and test it some more.

I was lucky enough to receive two contouring products. The first one is the COLOURFIX CREAM FOUNDATION CONTOUR PALETTE and i'm LOVING this. They are extremely, like really creamy and blend really well. I find that the contour shades don't blend as well when using a beauty sponge, beauty blender or what not, but a dense brush works better for buffing and blending the product in! You get 8 shades in the palette which is so good, and you get a good mixture of contouring shades, bronzing, highlighting etc. In the palette, there's actually a pinky/peach shade which I think would be great to add to a foundation that you find is too much on the orange side, in fact I think they're all really good to mix with foundations, whether you need to lighten or darken them!

I also got the DEFINE & HIGHLIGHT CONTOUR KIT which is a compact powder contour and highlighter. The contour shade is EXTREMELY pigmented, so you only need to dab your brush in it slightly, otherwise it can start to look muddy on the face. Personally, I find the contour shade a little too warm to contour, so I prefer to use this to warm and bronze up the face and I find that works better! I'm not keen on the highlighter at all if i'm honest, I really love a poppin' highlight and I find this quite dull. It has only little shimmer and it is a little too dark for my complexion. This would be good to use all over the face for a slight glowy look.

Overall, I absolutely loved all of these bits, i've even gone and purchased the Electric palette from Ebay as that looked amazing and from what i've seen, the pigmentation looks insane! I can't recommend Technic products enough, they're so affordable and believe all products are under £5 with decent quality! You can find all Technic Cosmetic products on these websites: Ebay, Amazon & 

I can't thank Technic enough for sending me these goodies, I loved trying out the new Technic makeup bits and will be sure to use these often!

*These products were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.
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