Today is a sad day. Unfortunately, I have taken the plunge and this will be my last Birchbox post as I have officially cancelled my subscription... I may re-subscribe in the future, you never know! I love having a monthly beauty subscription, because it's something to look forward to and great to discover new brands and new products and after some thought, I decided to be a traitor and switch over to Glossybox, sorry Birchbox!!! I've never tried it before until this month, but heard many good things. So it's a goodbye to Birchbox for now...

As I mentioned above, I did find this month's box a little disappointing. I think out of the 6 products in October's box, 2 of them I really liked and know I will be using often, but the others i'm not keen or happy with! I wouldn't say it was the worst box I received, but just wasn't as exciting as usual. As you may know, I love doing my monthly subscription box blog posts and after ANOTHER disappointing box with Birchbox, i've decided to try another subscription so keep your eyes peeled for those blog posts coming soon!

This month's theme was quite exciting, all about horoscopes! When I first initially opened my package, I actually thought it was in the theme for Halloween, but that was just a coincidence to my horoscope which came under 'Fire' (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius). I believe there are 4 different boxes in total; Earth, Air, Fire & Water which are all glow in the dark? However mine isn't... so thats a little disappointing hmm.

So let's get onto the products...

Number 4 - Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil | RRP £18
So this was one out of the two products that I LOVED from this month's box. At first, I had absolutely no bloody idea what in the hell this was. The packaging is very plain and doesn't say much other than it's an oil. I honestly thought it was like a cuticle oil or something, turns out it's a repair and restore oil! I can't even explain how much I loved this, like I reckon I will have to buy a full size product after this little bad boy runs out, because my hair felt INCREDIBLY soft and for me £18 for a hair product but I think it's probably worth it. 

For years now, i've used my John Freida Frizz Ease and the Aussie Serum which worked for me really well, and if I used anything else, my hair just felt horrid and not the same, so I was a little skeptical trying out a hair oil as it's never really worked for me before. I just used a couple of drops through damp hair before I blow dry!

The Ritual Of Sakura - Magic Touch Body Cream | RRP £19.50
I've tried this body cream and it's honestly great... just not keen anymore receiving these type of products every month, I literally have so many in my drawers, which will take me FOREVER to use. It feels like it's Christmas when you receive endless amounts of bath and body stuff. I have lots of moisturisers as it is, so I won't use it like ever, so not a fan!

Doux Me - Pure Spring Water Spray | RRP £16
I was pretty intrigued with this water spray as I haven't used anything like this before. This product was a BIRCHBOX EXCLUSIVE and helps refresh the skin whilst hydrating and soothing the complexion too! I've tried it a couple of times and it's super refreshing, but I think this would be suitable for hot weather and in the summer, and at the moment were in Autumn going into Winter. I can't really see myself using this very often to be honest. Also, I think £16 for a water spray is kind of ridiculous... literally a rip off.

Lord & Berry - 20100 Maxi Matte Crayon Lipstick | RRP £12
This was this month's full size product and I was so so so excited to see this in the box. One of the products I LOVED and was happy to receive. I love buying new lip products so this was a plus. Only downside I found was that swatching the crayon on my hand and applying it on the lips, the colour payoff was a little different which kinda sucked as I LOVED the swatch colour (brown/mauve nude), whereas it came off quite pink on the lips, so I think i'll be using it to mix with other lippies. But, other than that, it's super creamy, pigmented and easy to wear!

Bodyism - Supplement in Beauty Food | RRP from £50
Like... this is SO disappointing, i'm sorry but really? I honestly thought when I first saw this, it was seeds to grow my own vegetables or something, i'm not even joking!!! I read the booklet to find it was a powdered drink of 'super greens' with a blend of antioxidants, herbal extracts and vitamins. I mean, this is definitely the most disappointing product I have EVER received, even more than the little hand-sanitiser I received in previous boxes. I thought i'd try it anyways, because I was intrigued how it tasted.

Whish - Renewing Mud Mask | RRP £29
When I saw this, I was so excited as I bloody love mud masks, face masks, the whole lot! I love the sleek packaging and was really hoping this would be a good. This mask is apparently packed with fruit enzymes to purify and brighten the skin which sounds bloody amazing! All I can say, is i'm so disappointed to find that when I went to use it, it was LITERALLY 3/4 EMPTY! I had to squeeze the tube so much before product came out. I think the product itself is good, but just an absolute ripoff for a brand new product to be that empty... God knows what the full size tube retailing at £29 will be like!

I hope you enjoyed this rather critical blog post on my last Birchbox... for now! As always, I always stay true to my opinions and say how it is. Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting monthly posts with my new subscription, Glossybox!

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