Now that it's pretty much Winter and Autumn has just passed (MY FAVE SEASONS), we can all rock the warm shadows, darker lippies, fluffy socks & big coats. Autumn/Winter are my absolute favourite seasons, just because of the colours and especially the warm tones, just literally ME all over. As you can see from the photo above, I got a little creative and decided to go wandering in my garden for perfect those autumnal leaves #bloggerprops, hope you like it!

I love makeup and I also love the Winter, so I thought i'd share with you my favourite lipsticks I love to rock during these colder months. I did a similar blog post previously on my 'Autumn Eyeshadow Palette Picks' here if you'd like to read it! Right, so lets get onto my lipstick picks, sorry in advance for my terrible attempt at lip swatches, also what a surprise... they're all MATTE!

1. COLOURPOP - Ultra Matte in 'Stingraye'
This is quite new to my collection.. well okay, a couple months ago. I didn't expect to wear it so much, but i've honestly worn it at least once a week and ALWAYS get compliments when I do *happy face*. I hadn't even heard of this shade until watching YouTuber Shani Grimmond apply it in one of her makeup tutorials and I bought it straight away after that and never looked back. It's a gorgeous purple with a slight brown undertone and nothing to 'in your face'. 

2. MAC - Matte Lipstick in 'Diva'
This is such an oldie but a goodie. I think this was one of the FIRST ever MAC lipsticks I bought.. i'm like 98% sure it is. I don't remember buying it tbh, I just remember putting it on years ago and never taking it off. It's a perfect deep red with a purple tint, the perfect vampy lipstick! 

3. MOLLY COSMETICS - Metallic Liquid Lipstick in 'Rose Gold'
If you've seen my recent blog post on Molly Cosmetics (Go read it, you need to know about these lipsticks!), you would have seen this little gem in there. Along with the most amazing liquid lipstick formula, the colour of this metallic lip is just perfect, well for me anyways. I find it on the coppery/orange side, so I think it suits Autumn/Winter so well, match with a smokey eye and you're ready to go!

4. KYLIE COSMETICS - Lip Kit 'Kourt K'

This is a true, deep, vampy, dark purple. It's quite hard to rock this on a day to day basis, but during these seasons you have no excuse not to! I love wearing this with a super smokey brown eye look, just think they compliment each other so well. The application is a little tricky as it does come off quite patchy which is a disappointment, but the colour is beaut!

5. KYLIE COSMETICS - Lip Kit 'Dolce K'
Okay, you can wear this ANYTIME of the year, but it's just so beaut, you know? It's literally the perfect brown nude and when you're stuffing your faces with mince pies, dark red lippie ain't always the best choice for that, so this is just perfect! 

6. TOPSHOP - Matte Lip Bullet in 'Get Me Bodied'

This lipstick was only £5 if I can remember which is an absolute bargain for the quality. I bought it a few Christmas' ago, which it came in a little Christmassy packaging as a stocking filler, but I opened that shit straight up and loved it from then on. It's a perfect deep red/purple. Very vampy which I love for the colder months. Although it has a matte finish, it's not drying at all, it's actually super creamy!

7. GERARD COSMETICS - Hydra Matte in '1995'
I picked one of these up at the Beauty Bay event I recently attended and i'm SO glad I did. I've always wanted to try the 1995 lipstick since Jaclyn Hill mentioned it years ago, and then I saw they had it in liquid lipstick form... I died. I love brown tone lipsticks (if you didn't know already haha) and this is just perfect, not too dark, not too light. I LOVE how this sits with my complexion and think it's great for autumn/winter instead of the generic reds!

8. COLOURPOP - Ultra Matte in 'Limbo'

I bought this as it was highly recommended as a dupe for the Kylie Lip Kit in 'True Brown K', which I couldn't afford at the time so I hopped on Depop (don't worry, it was brand new) and bought this for £9. I don't wear this enough as i'd like, just because it does look a little gothic on me, but when i'm feeling extra confident and don't give any f's I love this.  

My lips were well and truly sore after this, hope you liked it! What's your favourite lippies to sport in the Autumn/Winter?

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