It's only bloody 4 sleeps until Christmas... AHHHH where has the time gone? So I thought i'd do a last minute (yes, very last minute guys) blog post featuring some great product ideas for stocking fillers or if you like gifts! I'm not planning on doing one for guys, as they're bloody hard to buy for I swear! But, if you're a guy and you don't receive a Lynx set, then do your parents even like you?... I'm joking, but seriously, I don't know one guy that hasn't received a Lynx set at Christmas.

As you guys know me, most of these ideas are beauty related, whether it's makeup, toiletries, hair care etc. so if you know someone who is utterly beauty obsessed, these will be perfect for them! Btw, how cute is my Christmas confetti?!

You can't go wrong with popping in a few pairs of false lashes into a stocking filler. As a girl with the shortest and thinest eyelashes, stocking up on falsies is always a must for me as I wear them literally everyday and I know I would LOVE to receive some beauty fluttery lashes in my stocking. My favourites to wear everyday at the moment are the Nouveau Strip Lashes. They are super affordable and are amazing quality, each box also comes with adhesive too, which is INCREDIBLE by the way, those lashes aren't gonna go anywhere!
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These are my FAVOURITE hair brushes in the whole bloody world and theres no going back! They have completely changed my hair game since I first purchased one years ago and I know if you've never tried one and you get your hands on one, you will fall in love and never use another hairbrush again. At first, it does take some time to get used to it as it's completely different than your standard hairbrush with a handle, but hair brushing becomes painless which is what I ALWAYS had as my hair loved to matt together and be a b*tch to brush! 
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If you read my last Birchbox blog post months and months ago (if not, click here), you may have seen this hand cream featured and I explained how good it smells!!! It's a really good product size, not small but not huge and fits perfectly in your handbag for on the go. 
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Beauty Blenders are an absolute must-have for your makeup bag. They apply foundation and concealer FLAWLESSLY and great for setting with loose powder, the uses are endless! Obviously the Original Beauty Blender is a whopping £16, which is insane, but I guess you get what you pay for. But, there are some great, cheaper dupes in the market. My favourite is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge which is priced at only £5.99, another great dupe i've recently found was a pack of 4 from Primark for only £2.50. There is 3 different sizes in the pack and they are EXTREMELY soft, not rock hard which is what you would expect from cheap sponges and... they expand loads when dampened!!!
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The worst thing for me in the Winter is chapped lips, ESPECIALLY in the morning. I can't even explain how dry and cracked they are when I wake up (grim I know) and I'm sure many of you can agree with me on this one. Stocking fillers are usually bits and bobs, here and there, so a lip balm would be great to pop in. My absolute favourite at the moment, which will be SO hard to beat is the Dr. Paw Paw Original Multi-purpose Soothing Balm. I did a blog post recently here, which is a little review on these babies, so if you want to know more info, then head on over!
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You can never have enough fluffy socks for the winter, i swear half of them go missing anyways, but who can say no to a fresh pair of soft, fluffy socks? Not me! Personally, I never spend more than £2-£4 on fluffy socks and my favourite place to get them from is of course, Primark! These socks (pictured above) only cost £2  each and are great quality, absolutely love them. Btw how cute are these socks? The little pom pom's!! My dog will definitely attack these as soon as I put them on.
Of course you can't not pop in a few lipsticks, because let's be honest... we can never have enough!!! My absolute favourites at the moment are the Gerard Cosmetics hydra-matte liquid lipsticks as the formula is just, pretty affordable and the packaging?! Can we just take a moment. Yeah, it's SO luxurious and gold, so it's just perfect for Christmas (any excuse lol). 
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I did a review on this product previously and if you read it, you would know how useful this is. If not, go and give it a read here, and you'll definitely want to go purchase one after! It's literally just a wired sponge in a tin that captures the excess eyeshadow product from your brushes, enabling you to re-use them instantly within seconds and no hassle of water and soap! This is such a nifty little product that every eyeshadow lover needs in their collection, so what better way to gift it at Christmas?
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I really hope you could take some inspiration, especially if you're one of those last minute shoppers (I know you're out there). Also, I just wanted to say that I know i've been a little mia recently and I think the break was needed especially after my birthday and starting a new job and i'm so happy to be back blogging again woo!

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