Who doesn't love to treat and pamper themselves? 
Having 'me' time is important and these are just the products to help you relax!
I was kindly sent some products from Hashtag Blogger of these beautiful bath bombs and a lip scrub* from Kas Beauty (Insta: @kas_beaute1). They have so many lovely products available to order; bath bombs, gorgeous highlighters, lip scrubs and to make everything better, all ingredients are 100% friendly (no harmful chemicals) and are cruelty free. Go check them out on Instagram!

I feel like there has been a massive craze surrounding bath bombs at the moment, especially from Lush, so I was excited to receive these as I've actually never used one! I very rarely actually have baths, but sometimes I do like to have pamper nights, where I wax and tint my brows, pain nails etc, so I definitely have to fit in a relaxing bath more often! I'm the type to just buy a bottle and leave it in my cupboard, so I was so excited to try these out.

1. Mojito Bath Bomb:
This mint green and white bath bomb smells absolutely incredible and just like Mojitos (bonus!). I used this one the other week and i loved it. It's suggested, if you are in the mood to relax, this bath bomb is the best one to choose!

2. Gold Mine Bath Bomb:
I haven't used this bath bomb yet, I'm saving it for another pamper day and honestly can't wait to use it. It's almost too pretty to use! It's a charcoal grey bath bomb with gold/glitter. It's also suggested to be used for extra boosts of energy!

3. Lip Scrub:
This has to be my favourite product out of the three, it's amazing! I've wanted to purchase a lip scrub for quite some time, but never got round to doing it or brought myself to, but now I won't be able to live without one. I've used this lip scrub every day. I apply this first to exfoliate and get rid of any dry skin on the lips to enable a smooth lipstick application and because it has friendly ingredients, you can just lick the excess off (or wipe, but it's pretty yummy!). Although I have no other lip scrubs or similar products to compare this to, I highly recommend this, it's pink, smells absolutely incredible and does the job perfectly!

As always, I hope you have enjoyed today's blog post and keep in touch for more!

*These products were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. 
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