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Today's blog post is a review on the Cat Sims Feathers iPhone case* from Iconemesis.
I was sent this case from the lovely people at HashtagBlogger (@htblogger.. Go follow them on Instagram!).

Iconemesis is a British brand, that focus solely on iPhone cases. They have a wide variety of phone cases, working with artists; Fifi Lapin, Gemma Correll, Cat Sims, Johana Basford, Sacha Kreeger, Boyarde Messenger and Lily X. 

Since having my phone upgraded a couple of months ago, i opted out for just a clear, boring, protective case and didn't think much about buying something pretty, as i was so worried about dropping and breaking it. 

From first impressions, I loved the appearance of this case. Aesthetically, the style and pattern is simple but sleek, which is what I go for as I'm not into bold, statement, colourful things, so I was very pleased. The case is a pale blue with a darker shade of feather detailing. This is definitely a favourite of mine!

The texture of the case has a soft, smooth, matte finish, which feels luxurious and expensive. I love the feel of this case, it has a good grip and feels a lot more lovelier to hold than any other plastic cases I've had.

Quality wise, this is a hard shell case, which I was very happy about. I've always gone for hard or plastic cases, as I was never a fan of the stretchy, silicone/rubber cases. Although they may protect more, i've never liked the feel of them. The case is also very strong and sturdy and I can tell it won't be breaking easily.

The only cons this case has that i would say, is that it may not be as protective as other cases, but thats nothing a glass screen protector can't do, which I ALWAYS have on (biggest phone essential!). Another con would be, because of the light colouring of the case, it will get dirty very easily. However I reckon because of the smooth finish, some dirt can be wiped away with a wet cloth!

Overall, I absolutely love this case and this will have to be my go-to case for a quite a while!

Shop the range at https://iconemesis.co.uk/  and for 10% off, use the code 'hashtag' at checkout.

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*This product was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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