Hey lovelies, i'm here with my monthly favourites for January! Now I know I haven't done one in donkey years, I think my last was actually back in August (I'm the worst!!!) but since it's the first month of 2017, I thought i'd try and get back into these posts now as I love sharing my beauty faves with you all! 

So lets get onto these beauty gems...

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills - A23 Highlighting Brush
Okay, so this HAD to be in my favourites. In fact it's probably going to be in every monthly favourites! I got this A23 highlighting brush back in November and I haven't put it down since. I've legit been using it EVERYDAY without fail. It is a little pricey (well extremely pricey), but it's honestly so worth investing into getting one, your highlight game will be on a whole other level!
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2. Ofra Cosmetics - Rodeo Drive Highlighter
This is my absolute new OBSESSION!!! My brother got me this highlighter for Christmas and i've worn it every single day since. I've been lusting over the Ofra Cosmetics highlighters for a while now, especially Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills, so when I saw Hooked Up Shop stocked Ofra Cosmetics and my brother asked what I wanted, it was mean't to be! Rodeo Drive is a gold/champagne highlighter,  it's so pigmented and glowy, and just overall the most gorgeous highlighter I own. I definitely want to get more, so keeping an eye out for when they come back in stock!
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3. Maybelline - Age Rewind Concealer
This concealer is actually one of my all time favourites, but I hadn't repurchased it for ages (I don't bloody know why, cause it's so good!), until this month! I always buy the shade Light and use this on a daily basis to highlight the under eyes and cover those dark circles and the coverage is amazing. The only thing i'd love is if Maybelline brought this concealer with a bigger shade range as there is only 3 I believe!
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4. Gerard Cosmetics - 1995 Lipstick
I've always loved the tone and shade of this lipstick, but never actually worn it since getting it last October until now. I saw this years ago from Jaclyn Hill and wanted it since then. The Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks are really good quality, so buttery, easy to apply and very opaque! As a plus, the finish of this lippie is matte, which you guys know are my faves! This paired up with the Essence Berry lip liner is such a nice combo, as it gives off a berry/brown nude lipstick!
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5. RCMA - No Colour Powder
I bought this back in September, used it for a while, then put it down and forgot about it. But recently, i've picked it up again and haven't put it down since! I don't ever know why I stopped using it because it's such a good loose powder and 1/3 of the price of my Laura Mercier! It's a no colour powder, and is so soft & finely milled that it creates such a flawless base. I love love love to use this to bake my under eyes as it sets concealer beautifully without looking too powdery or cakey.
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6. Lipcote - Browcote Brow Gel
If you saw my December Glossybox blog post, you would have seen this little gem in there and if not, you can go catch up here! For months and months i've been using a Benefit brow gel which has been my holy grail, but since receiving this last month, this has been the ONLY brow gel I've used. It honestly sets your brows like magic and emphasises the hairs nicely for a more natural look, only thing I can complain about is the smell as it kinda smells like glue, but it's not intense at all so I wouldn't worry!
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7. Essence - 05 Soft Berry Lip Liner
Honestly, if you haven't tried the Essence lip liners, you must get down to your local Wilko's ASAP!!! For £1, the quality is bloody amazing. So pigmented and creamy and they have a great range of colours which I love and need to pick up more. This lip liner has become a part of my everyday makeup look and you generally can't go wrong with a £1 lip liner!
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So, those are my January favourites! I'd love to know your current beauty faves and must haves as you guys know i'm always on the look out for new products to try, so let me know down below!

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