So, were here at this time of the month again with my Glossybox review! Can't believe this is my first one of 2017 already... January has gone SO quickly, yet so slow, who else agrees?! I've seen a lot of people say they were pretty disappointed with January's box, but I'm pretty pleased with it to be honest! I still think December 2016's box was the best so far since i've subscribed to Glossybox, but I definitely enjoyed this month's subscription!

This month's Glossybox was the "Edible Edit with Deliciously Stella" with all the items pretty much 'good enough to eat' but not literally and everything smelling HELLA' GOOD! Again, there were 5 full sized products, which is bloody amazing.. Glossybox, you do know how to treat us! It's so nice to receive full sized items and not sachets or samples where you can literally only use it twice.  I was actually really pleased with everything, maybe except for one product, but you can't win with everything so i'm not really that bothered. 

NIP + FAB - Kale Fix Moisturiser | RRP £19.95
This is definitely my favourite item of this month's Glossybox. I honestly thought it would be the eyeshadow from The Balm, but as soon as I opened this box, I used this cream and haven't put it down since. This daily moisturiser consists of kale, watercress and almond oil (sounds so yummy). The cream enriches the skin, with t aloe vera and shea butter helping to sooth and moisturise the skin, which is definitely does! I've been using this daily after my skincare and it's even replaced my usual face cream! I really want to repurchase this cream once this tube runs out, but the price is a little bit over my budget, so we'll see if I love it enough to repurchase it!
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THE BALM - Meet Matt(e) Trimony Single Eyeshadow | RRP £34 for the palette
Super exciting seeing makeup from The Balm included in one of the Glossyboxes, I will say though, I couldn't believe how SMALL the pan was when I opened this shadow... BLIMEY!  Absolutely love this eyeshadow, I actually already own the Meet Matt(e) palette, so i've used this before and it's definitely one of my favourite shadows from the palette. It's a deep purple/red burgundy, very creamy and extremely pigmented, which you can't go wrong with!
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UNANI - Ultimate Milk Cleanser | RRP £14
I've only just used this cleaner tonight as I honestly completely forgot about it and it was sitting in my draws for the whole month (whoops!). I'm actually so IMPRESSED with this milk cleanser. Usually I don't faff around for cleansers and all sorts, just the basic skincare, but my god I LOVE THIS! I used this to remove my makeup and it did an amazing job and made my skin feel extremely smooth. Definitely going to be using this cleanser on a daily basis! Shop /

VITAMASQUES - Manuka Honey Face Mask | RRP £3.99
As i'm writing this blog post up, i'm currently wrapped up in my dressing gown with this face mask on, and thoroughly enjoying myself I must say! This is a Korean face mask, made with extracts of Manuka Honey (sounds so good!) and has a triple layer technology. As soon as I saw the 'Manuka Honey' I was instantly excited to try it and it honestly left my face SO SO soft, amazing face mask! 
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SPA TO YOU - Konjac Sponge | RRP £7.99
I won't lie, I'm not buzzing about receiving a sponge in my box. Especially when I already have these type of sponges from Superdrug for like 50p. I saw others received a multi task balm, which I was looking forward to, and was raved about, so after seeing this I was extremely disappointed! This sponge retails for £7.99... I cannot believe that, because to me that is bloody extortionate!!!
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