I cannot tell you how long i've been lusting over this foundation, so when my brother asked me what I wanted for my birthday, this was the first thing that came into mind and now I finally own it YAY! Over the past couple of months since it launched, i've seen many mixed reviews, some good, some bad, but I knew I still wanted to try it for myself and put it to the test, because if it were to work for me, everything it's described as sounds like the PERFECT foundation for my skin type (oily-combo). I also posted a photo on my Instagram a couple weeks ago and so many of you said you would love to see a review, so here it is!

Price & Description
Starting off with the price, this foundation retails for £27 and you can buy it from SO many places; Urban DecayDebenhams, Feel Unique, SephoraHouse Of Fraser, Selfridges & many many more. You get 30ml of product, which I find is the standard for pretty much all foundations, so no complaints there and there is a HUGE range of shades including pink, yellow and neutral under tones, which is always great, as I find many brands lack in that department! 

The description of this foundation honestly sounds like the PERFECT foundation for any of those oily skinned gals/boys, me lol. It's described to provide full coverage with a matte finish but not flat, a flawless finish that will last all night and it's oil-free, sounds like a dream! Also, it's claimed to be water and sweat-proof, which is a big bonus!

You guys know my love for makeup packaging and you already know what i'm going to say... LOVE LOVE LOVE! I just honestly love how different the packaging of this foundation is. Usually foundation packaging can be simple and sleek, or be on the tacky side and I can appreciate this as it's just definitely my FAVE foundation packaging yet. I really can't fault the gun metal casing! 

Another bonus with the packaging is that this foundation has a pump! It's the simplest of things, but I really prefer having a pump on my foundations. Another thing with the pump, is it actually shows you how much is left in the bottle once used which is just like the EX1 Invisiwear foundation, which I find super helpful. It's hard to explain, but the bottle pushes the product up every time it is used and shows you the level of product you have left!

I ended up getting the foundation in the shade 3.25 which has a neutral undertone as I found the shade 3 was a little too yellow toned for me and those with the .5 shades are pink toned. As I had heard it oxidised quite a lot, I thought I would go for a lighter shade, hoping it would then match. I do wish I had maybe gone a shade darker, as I do find it slightly too light for my complexion, but it's still definitely wearable and not extreme!

When I first applied it, you can notice it oxidising quite a lot and very QUICKLY (watch Holly Boon's video review to see it in action, it's honestly CRAZY). As you can see from the photo above, the right swatch is it first applied onto my hand and left is when it had started to settle and the change in colour is rather a lot! I wore it previously once, but only for an Instagram photo #bloggerproblems, so I couldn't really get a feel or impression on how the foundation would wear throughout the day, but for my first impressions, the foundation is very matte, not cakey, looks flawless and has great coverage! were that it really made you look flawless and had great coverage. The other week, I decided to put it to the test properly and put it on before going to work for the day and hoped for the best!  Unfortunately after 4 hours, it did start to separate on my chin and around my nose, which seems to happen to me with all my foundations, but this was worse! Other than that, the rest of my face looked pretty good, a tiny bit of oily-ness peaking through on my forehead but everything still looked presentable and intact. 

Overall thoughts
I don't hate it, but I don't love it like crazy... kind of in between I think. I don't think it will be replacing my favourite Too Faced Born This Way, and be a foundation I would be picking up to use daily, but I definitely would wear it again on occasions! I honestly don't think it's a bad foundation at all, especially for those with oily skin as I found it did keep my oils intact for longer, but if you have dry skin I wouldn't recommend it!

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